Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is really fast. Try it for yourself.

October 24, 2023 | 2 minute read
Hermann Baer
Senior Director Product Management
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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a fully managed database service for analytic workloads, including data marts, data warehouses, data lakes, and data lakehouses. It's built for the cloud and optimized using Oracle Exadata. Combining the world's leading database with optimized hardware delivers unparalleled performance out-of-the-box, besides all the benefits of a fully managed system.

The fact that Oracle has been around (and proven) for a long time encourages some other cloud data warehouse vendors to question Oracle's capabilities as the leading cloud-native data warehouse platform, questioning everything, including its performance. Well, we at Oracle are up to the task, and we are happy to have you see for yourself that Oracle delivers on what it promises.

screenshot tpcds kit

We just made the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Benchmark Kit available for everybody on The kit is a lightweight utility developed in Java that enables you to run a benchmark derived from TPC-DS version 2.13 against your very own Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Serverless. You will experience the performance of your environment first-hand.

Oracle is faster (geometric mean) than comparable configurations of its competitors and more cost-effective. 

You don't believe us? Please run the kit and compare your results with those of other vendors, such as the published data of The screenshot above shows Autonomous Data Warehouse delivered a geometric mean of 3.8 sec for a 1TB schema, while other vendors ranged from 6.6 seconds to 10.2 seconds for similarly-priced configurations.

Happy benching.


Hermann Baer

Senior Director Product Management

Hermann is a Senior Director of Product Management in the Oracle Database organization. He and his team focus on Oracle's core functionality, such as Oracle Partitioning, the Oracle Optimizer, and analytical SQL. His team also looks after semi-structured data processing, such as the relational SQL/JSON capabilities, Oracle Text, and more recently Autonomous JSON Database and the Oracle Database API for Mongo DB.

Hermann has held several positions at Oracle in Sales Consulting and Consulting, dealing with the database for quite some time

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