Accelerate innovation with enterprise data, OCI Generative AI, and enhanced security

January 23, 2024 | 3 minute read
Marty Gubar
Director Product Management
Mark Hornick
Senior Director, Data Science and Machine Learning
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With the release of Oracle OCI Generative AI service, you can accelerate application development or create new business solutions by securely combining your private enterprise data in Autonomous Database with the productivity and creativity of generative AI. Autonomous Database Select AI is the key capability that makes it simple to integrate large language models (LLMs) with your database applications. Select AI with OCI Generative AI keeps your data safe—data never leaves Oracle Cloud, is not shared with AI providers, and is secured using Oracle Database’s advanced capabilities. 

Get impressive results quickly using your enterprise data in Autonomous Database and OCI Generative AI service

AI has plenty of practical business uses. You can generate better, more informed, and targeted content, speak to your audience in an appropriate “voice,” generate recommendations based on individual preferences to grab your audience’s attention, generate email responses, and aid customer issue resolution. The opportunities are practically limitless.

But, as remarkable as LLMs are, they do have limitations. By themselves, LLMs can’t tackle such business use cases. LLMs are frozen in time; they know only about the world at the moment they were trained. And, more importantly, they have no knowledge of your organization’s private data or business operations.

Autonomous Database Select AI integrated with OCI Generative AI can fix that. Autonomous Database helps you get a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all your enterprise data—whether that data is stored inside the database, in data lakes, or in other databases. Select AI lets you use that data, providing LLMs context to generate the results you need. Moreover, the integration respects the database security policies placed on your organization’s data—that data never leaves the secure Oracle environment. 

Imagine you run a movie streaming business. You’ve got some promotions on certain movies, and you’d like to market them to your customers in a personalized way. An LLM can handle the email communications for you, but it would need sensitive data like customer viewing habits and customer demographics in Autonomous Database that’s being used for your promotions.

Using Autonomous Database data, your application constructs a prompt to provide needed context to the LLM. Any restrictions on that data remain intact; your data is not shared with AI providers. The LLM uses this information to produce a compelling email response. 

Workflow for AI analytics

Using Select AI, you have easily extended your promotions application with Generative AI, and you have done this securely and quickly inside your Oracle Autonomous Database. 

How to Get Started with Select AI with OCI Generative AI service 

Getting started with Select AI with OCI Generative AI service is simple. Because Select AI is already built into Autonomous Database, you do not need to install tools or integrate Select AI with OCI Generative AI service. In just a couple of minutes, you will be using AI models with your database applications. These are the high-level steps you need to do to get started:

  1. Create a security policy to allow your database to access the OCI Generative AI service
  2. Create a Select AI profile that describes the connection to your model. You are not tied to any specific model. This is important because each model has its strengths; use the model that’s best for your use case.
  3. Use AI-enhanced SQL or Select AI developer APIs to communicate with the model and get your AI-generated response.

That’s it! You will be off and running developing innovative new applications that combine your enterprise data with LLMs. Stay tuned for a detailed how-to blog that will walk you through each step.

About Autonomous Database Select AI

Autonomous Database Select AI is available today to use with LLMs: OpenAI, Azure OpenAI and Cohere. Support for OCI Generative AI will be available in your regions soon. 

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Marty Gubar

Director Product Management

I'm a product manager on the Autonomous Database development team.

Mark Hornick

Senior Director, Data Science and Machine Learning

Mark Hornick is senior director of product management for Oracle Machine Learning. Mark has more than 20 years of experience integrating and leveraging machine learning with Oracle software as well as working with internal and external customers to apply Oracle’s machine learning technologies. Mark is Oracle’s representative to the R Consortium and is an Oracle Adviser and founding member of the Analytics and Data Oracle User Community. He has been issued seven US patents. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and a master’s degree from Brown University, both in computer science. Follow him on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

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