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May 2, 2024 | 4 minute read
George Lumpkin
Vice President of Product Management
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Oracle Database 23ai has game-changing innovations for AI and developer productivity. The easiest and quickest way for you to try out these new features today is with Oracle’s free database offerings: 

  • Autonomous Database Always Free is available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and provides a fully-managed Oracle Database 23ai with built-in development and data tools. You can access your data from anywhere, and you never have to worry about monitoring or maintaining your database. Plus, your Always Free database never expires or runs out of cloud credits.
  • Autonomous Database Container Image delivers the same experience as Autonomous Database in the cloud, but in a convenient downloadable image. You continue to have a fully-managed database with built-in tools such as SQL Developer Web, APEX, and Data Studio, but you run it directly on your laptop and conveniently use it in your CI/CD pipelines.
  • Oracle Database 23ai Free provides a traditional Oracle Database environment packaged for ease-of-use and available via a simple download as a Container Image, VirtualBox VM, or Linux RPM installation file.

These free offerings provide the full-featured experience of Oracle Database 23ai allowing you to manage any type of data (including relational, JSON, vector, graph, spatial, IOT, and more) for any workload (transactional, data warehouse, and AI) accessible via any interface (full SQL, REST data access, and language drivers). And each of these free options provides built-in upwards compatibility to Autonomous Database (for the Always Free and Container Image options) and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. 

Here are just a few of the highlights that you can try today on these completely free environments:

Innovate with AI, Machine Learning, and Graphs 

Our goal with AI, Machine Learning, and Graph analytics is two-fold: 1) to enable app developers to add AI, ML, and graph functionality into their data-driven applications more easily, and 2) to incorporate GenAI capabilities into our products so that all users of Oracle Database, from data analysts to app developers and DBAs, can be more productive. This is achieved by employing AI to streamline Oracle's data management processes, offering AI algorithms for uncovering new insights from your data, facilitating natural language interactions for database queries, and empowering users to store AI-generated vectors for swift and efficient object similarity searches.

  • AI Vector Search: AI Vector Search makes it simple and fast to search both structured and unstructured data and combine these results with results from traditional database queries. Vectors are a new data type in 23ai; they represent unstructured data, such as images and documents, capturing the critical features of data semantics. Use vectors, vector indexes and SQL functions to run powerful similarity search across all your data types.  
  • Select AI: (currently available only for Autonomous Database) Use natural language to query and analyze your data. You can easily embed natural language query capabilities into your own applications. Select AI supports LLMs offered by OCI Generative AI, Azure OpenAI, OpenAI and Cohere, making it easy to integrate the power of generative into your apps and analytics. 
  • SQL Property Graphs: Easily build Graph analytics (connectivity, community detection, etc.) into your SQL-based applications (see details). Create and query property graphs in standard SQL in addition to the existing support for the Property Graph Query Language (PGQL). This allows you to create a graph from database tables and use simple queries to explore complex relationships, traverse connections in data in real-time, and integrate with other data types such as JSON, Vector, Spatial, relational, and more. 
  • New Machine Learning (ML) functions: Significant enhancements to data mining and machine learning functionality, including improvements to XGBoost and the Generalized Linear Model algorithm to enhance predictive accuracy.

Improve Developer Productivity

Oracle Database 23ai makes the experience of developing applications simpler by removing the complexity associated with your database interactions.

  • JSON Relational Duality: Build apps in either relational or JSON paradigms with a single source of truth and benefit from the strengths of both—relational and document models. Data is stored once but can be accessed, written, and modified with either approach.
  • SQL Enhancements: SQL remains one of the most popular development languages in use with application developers today.  Its versatility when asking the simplest or most complex questions of your business data has made it the cornerstone of data management, a position it is likely to hold for the foreseeable future.  The SQL language continues to evolve – with many new features that make it more powerful and easy to use. Check out this blog for a top 10 new SQL capabilities that will simplify your development.

These are only a handful out of the hundreds of new innovations included in 23ai, and you can easily start to build new data-driven applications right away at no cost.

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George Lumpkin

Vice President of Product Management

George is Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Autonomous Database.

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