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  • September 11, 2014

OpenWorld on your iPad and iPhone - Now Fully Operational!

Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager

In one of my recent blog post I provided links to our OpenWorld data warehouse web app for smartphones and tablets. Now that the OOW team has released the hands-on lab schedule (it is now live on the OpenWorld site) I have updated my smartphone and tablet apps to include the list of hands-on labs on a day-by-day basis (Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). The list of hands-on labs can still be viewed in subject area order (data warehousing and big data) within the app via the “Switch to subject view” link in the top left part of the screen. 

iPad-Labs.jpg iPhone-Labs.jpg

I have also added a location map which can be viewed by clicking on the linked-text, “View location map", which is in the top right part of the screen on each application. The location map that is available within both the tablet and smartphone apps is shown below:

Oow locations

If you want to run these updated web apps on your smartphone and/or tablet then you can reuse the existing links that I published on my last blog post. If you missed that post then  follow these links:

Android users: I have tested the app on Android and there appears to be a bug in the way the Chrome browser displays frames since scrolling within frames does not work . The app does work correctly if you use either the Android version of the Opera browser or the standard Samsung browser on Samsung devices. 

Please note that I have also published online calendars (via my Google account) which can viewed via the following blog posts:

If you have any comments about the app (content you would like to see) then please let me know. Enjoy OpenWorld and, if you have time, it would be great to see you if you want to stop by at the Parallel Execution and Analytical SQL demo booth.

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