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Need to Query Autonomous Data Warehouse directly in Slack?

Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager

We have one of THE coolest demos ever in the demogrounds area at OpenWorld (head straight to the developer tools area and look for the Chatbot and Digital Assistant demo booths. My colleagues in the Oracle Analytics team have combined Oracle Analytics Cloud with the new Digital Assistant tool to create an amazing experience for users who want to get data out using what I would call slightly unusual channels! 

First step is to create a connection to ADW or ATP using the pre-built connection wizards - as shown below there are dozens of different connection wizards to help you get started...

Then once the connection is setup and the data sets/projects built you just swap over to your favorite front end collaboration tool such as Slack or Microsoft Teams and just start writing your natural language query which is translated into SQL and the results are returned directly to your collaboration tool where depending what the APIs support you will get a tabular report, a summary analysis and a graphical report. 

The Oracle Analytics Cloud experts on the demo booth kindly walked me through their awesome demo:

Need to do the same on your mobile phone, then this has you covered as well (apologies had my thumb over the lens for a while in this video - complete amateur)

So if you are at Moscone this week and want to see quite possibly the coolest demo at the show then head to the demogrounds and make for the developer tools area which is clearly marked with a huge overhead banner. If you get stuck then swing by the ADW booth which is right next to the escalators as you come down to the lower area in Moscone South.

Enjoy OpenWorld 2019 folks!



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