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Need Help with Oracle Big Data: Here is Where to Go!

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

We are very excited to announce our newly launched big data community on the Cloud Customer Connect Community. As of today we are live and ready to help, discuss and ensure your questions are answered and comments are taken on board. 

How do you find us?

Easy, go to the community main page. Then do the following to start asking your questions on big data:


Once you are here, click on the thing you want from us, in this case I would assume that you want some answers on some of your questions. So, click on Answers in the menu bar, and then on Platform (PaaS):

From there, just look in the data management section and choose Big Data:

All set... now you are ready - provided you are a member of course - to start both asking questions, and if you know some answers helping others in the community.

What do we cover in this community?

Great question. Since the navigation and the title elude to Cloud, you would expect we cover our cloud service. And that is correct. But, because we are Oracle, we do have a wide portfolio and you will have questions around an entire ecosystem of tools, utilities and solutions, as well as potentially architecture questions and ideas.

So, rather then limiting questions, ideas and thoughts, we figured to actually broaden the scope to what we think the community will be discussing. And so here are some of the things we hope we can cover:

  • Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS) - of course
    • The Cloudera stack included
    • Specific cloud features like:
      • Bursting/shrinking
      • One-click Secure Clusters
      • Easy Upgrade 
      • Networking / Port Management 
      • and more...
    • Big Data Spatial and Graph, which is included in BDCS
    • Big Data Connectors and ODI, also included in BDCS
  • Big Data Manager and its notebook feature (Zeppelin based) and other cool features
  • Big Data SQL Cloud Service and of course the general software features in Big Data SQL
  • Big Data Best Practices
    • Architecture Patterns and Reference Architectures
    • Configuration and Tuning / Setup
    • When to use what tools or technologies
  • Service and Product roadmaps and announcements
  • And more

Hopefully that will trigger all of you (and us) to collaborate, discuss and get our community to be a fun and helpful one.

Who is on here from Oracle?

Well, hopefully a lot of people will join us, both from Oracle and from customers, partners and universities/schools. But we, as the product development team will be manning the front lines. So you have product management resources, some architects and some developers working in the community.

And with that, see you all soon in the community!

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