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How To Update The License Type For Your Autonomous Database

Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager

How To Update The License Type For Your Autonomous Database

As of today (Wednesday April 17) you can now quickly and easily change the type licensing for your Autonomous Database from BYOL to a new cloud subscription or vice-versa. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. So assuming you already have already created an autonomous database instance, how do you go about changing your licensing? Let me show you!

Step 1 - Accessing the management console

First stage involves signing into your cloud account using your tenancy name and cloud account. Then you can navigate to either your “Autonomous Data Warehouse” or “Autonomous Transaction Processing” landing pad as shown below:

Let’s now change the type of license for the autonomous database instance “pp1atpsep2”. If we click on the blue text of the instance name which is in the first column of the table, this will take us to the instance management console page as shown below:

Notice in the above image that, on the righthand side, the console shows the current license type as set to "Bring Your Own License" which is often referred to as a BYOL-license.

Step 2 - Selecting “Update License Type” from Action menu

Now click on the “Actions” button in the row of menu buttons as shown below:

Select menu option to change the type of licence


Step 3 - Change the “License Type”

The pop-up form shows the current type of license associated with our autonomous database instance “pp1atpsep2”, which in this case is set to BYOL

If you want more information about what is and is not covered within a BYOL-license then visit the BYOL FAQ page which is here.

In this case we are going to flip to using a new cloud subscription, as shown below:

That's it!

All that's left to do is click on the blue Update button and the new licensing model will be applied to our autonomous database instance. At this point your autonomous database will switch into “Updating” mode, as shown below.

Autonomous Database mode switches to updating while changes are applied

However, the database is still up and accessible. There is no downtime. When the update is complete the status will return to “Available” and the console will show that the license type has changed to "License Included" as shown below.


Congratulations you have successfuly swapped your BYOL license to a new cloud subscription license for your autonomous database with absolutely no downtime or impact on your users.

In this post I have showed you how to quickly and easily change the type of license associated with your autonomous database. An animation of the complete end-to-end process is shown below:


Featured Neon "Change" image courtesy of wikipedia


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