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Globacom and mCentric Deploy BDA and NoSQL Database to analyze network traffic 40x faster

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

In a fast evolving market, speed is of the essence. mCentric and Globacom leveraged Big Data Appliance, Oracle NoSQL Database to save over 35,000 Call-Processing minutes daily and analyze network traffic 40x faster. 

Here are some highlights from the profile:

Why Oracle

“Oracle Big Data Appliance works well for very large amounts of
structured and unstructured data. It is the most agile events-storage
system for our collect-it-now and analyze-it-later set of business
requirements. Moreover, choosing a prebuilt solution drastically reduced
implementation time. We got the big data benefits without needing to
assemble and tune a custom-built system, and without the hidden costs
required to maintain a large number of servers in our data center. A
single support license covers both the hardware and the integrated
software, and we have one central point of contact for support,” said
Sanjib Roy, CTO, Globacom.

Implementation Process

It took only five days for Oracle partner mCentric to deploy Oracle Big
Data Appliance, perform the software install and configuration,
certification, and resiliency testing. The entire process—from site
planning to phase-I, go-live—was executed in just over ten weeks, well
ahead of the four months allocated to complete the project.

Oracle partner mCentric leveraged Oracle Advanced Customer Support
Services’ implementation methodology to ensure configurations are
tailored for peak performance, all patches are applied, and software and
communications are consistently tested using proven methodologies and
best practices.

Read the entire profile here.

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  • TdL Friday, November 14, 2014

    Great !

    What solution do they use for the analysis ? Is it an Oracle Solution ? OBI ? Endeca ?

    Thanks for the details.

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