Free new tutorial: Quickly uploading files with Big Data Manager in Big Data Cloud Service

Sometimes the simplest tasks make life (too) hard. Consider simple things like uploading some new data sets into your Hadoop cluster in the cloud and then getting to work on the thing you really need to do: analyzing that data. This new free tutorial shows you how to easily and quickly do the grunt work with Big Data Manager in Big Data Cloud Service (learn more here) enabling you to worry about analytics, not moving files. The approach taken here is to take a file that resides...

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New Release: BDA 4.11 is now Generally Available

As promised, this update to Oracle Big Data Appliance would come fast. We just uploaded the bits and are in process of uploading both documentation and configurator. You can find the latest software on MyOracleSupport. So what is new: BDA Software 4.11.0 contains few new things, but is intended to keep our software releases close to the Cloudera releases, as discussed in this roadmap post. This latest version uptakes: Cloudera CDH 5.13.1 and Cloudera Manager 5.13.1 Parcels for...

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SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive - the book

Those of you with long memories might just be able to recall a whole series of posts I did on SQL pattern matching which were taken from a deep dive presentation that I prepared for the BIWA User Group Conference. The title of each blog post started with SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive...and covered a set of 6 posts: Part 1 - Overview Part 2 - Using MATCH_NUMBER() and CLASSIFIER() Part 3 - Greedy vs. reluctant quantifiers Part 4 - Empty matches and unmatched rows? Part 5 - SKIP TO...

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Roadmap Update for Big Data Appliance Releases (4.11 and beyond)

With the release of BDA version 4.10 we added a number of interesting features, but for various reasons we did slip behind our targets in up taking the Cloudera updates within a reasonable time. To understand what we do before we ship the latest CDH on BDA and why we think we should spend that time, review this post. That all said, we have decide to rejigger the releases and do the following: Focus BDA 4.11 solely on up taking the latest CDH 5.13.1 and related OS and Java...

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Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 - Now Available

Did you miss OpenWorld 2017? Then my latest book is definitely something you will want to download! If you went to OpenWorld this book is also for you because it covers all the most important big data warehousing messages and sessions during the five days of OpenWorld.Following on from OpenWorld 2017 I have put together a comprehensive review of all the big data warehousing content from OpenWorld 2017. This includes all the key sessions and announcements from this year's...

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OpenWorld 2017: Must-See Sessions for Day 4 - Wednesday

Day 4 is here which makes today #Autonomous Wednesday. Included my definitive list of Must-See sessions for today are two of THE most important sessions at this years conference. You will not want to miss these two sessions:The rest of list is, of course, packed full of sessions and labs covering our Big Data Warehouse technologies and features. These sessions are what Oracle OpenWorld is all about: the chance to learn about the latest technology from the real...

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