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Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

Since I was on vacation I missed an interesting question on one of the posts:

I see the interesting pyramid in the middle of your article showing the current status of big data market in the many eyes of the beholders and have made many thoughts on that. In your opinion, do you think "Big Data is our business" is only applicable for those Internet-scale companies, independent software vendors OR it will happen soon for most large-scale corporations in the upcoming future? I will think that "Big Data improves our business" shall be applicable to those large-scale corporate and up to that line only in the mainstream. Would like to hear more comments from your side especially on the use of Big Data for Corporate IT or in the Corporate level.



Posted byIvan Ng
on April 25, 2012 at 04:23 AM PDT#


I think you can argue about this quite a bit, but I do believe that top tier is something we should be able to achieve, even if we are not an IT, Web or Data company. But you make a good point. At its current state, the wording is a bit off and would lead people to believe what you said... Does a manufacturing company really become a data company?

Maybe it should read "Big Data Transforms Our Business" ... which is what I am really after. Improvements are good, creativity should make us leverage data and change the outcomes of business processes. Then I think it is achievable for everyone...

Then a manufacturing company can transform the business, a telecom company can all of sudden personalize every interaction with every customer.

Thanks for the great comment, it certainly helped formulating some of this more crisp and I hope it makes sense.

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