Exadata Intelligent Warehouse Solutions for Industries

You heard it here first... Oracle is now starting to roll out industry specific solutions that are based on Oracle Exadata and deliver pre-built advanced analytical capabilities leveraging the Oracle industry experience and technological leadership.

The goal of these pre-built industry specific solutions is to deliver:

  • Deep industry specific insight to all business users
  • Extreme performance and unlimited scalability
  • Short time-to-value and easy adaptability

Currently we are supporting the Exadata Intelligent Warehouse for Retail and Communications.

Oracle Exadata Intelligent Warehouse Solution for Retail

Each of the Intelligent Warehouse solutions is designed to deliver deep analytics on a high performance data warehouse platform. Since we pre-package the entire solution these advanced analytics are ready to use from the moment you set up the Intelligent Warehouse.

As an example of speed, analytics and the importance for a retail business consider the following graph.


What would it mean to you as a retailer to run your Monday Morning Report 12x faster... rather than coming in and wasting 3 hours while waiting for the reports, you can start to take corrective action (if needed) within 16 minutes of your first cup of coffee on Monday. It also means that you can run this Monday morning report many, many times on Monday.

The other good thing, you can have this report from the get-go. Setup the Exadata machine, load your data into the Retail Data Model and run the analytics and you will have these reports using your data, driving your business. No need to invent reports, create data mining models or other technical stuff. You can be up and running without risk, without a lot of costly design work.


The way we deliver all of this is by leveraging the entire Oracle stack. Exadata (with Sun Hardware of course), Oracle BI tools and the Retail Data Model which included deep retail analytics and leverages in-database data mining and forecasting and scenario analysis.

If you are a retailer looking for a competitive edge, look no further... other than for the email address of your friendly Oracle rep...

Oracle Exadata Intelligent Warehouse Solution for Communications

The Exadata Intelligent Warehouse Solution for Communications is based on the exact same premise as the other solutions. Deliver deep, communications specific analytics on top of a lot of detailed data and do it at amazing speeds.

As with the Retail variant, the communications variant is based on an industry specific data model. But this data model is not just a set of relational base tables, it is a complete data warehouse in a box (with Exadata on it of course).



Conforming to the Oracle reference architecture the model is completely integrated delivering three layers across many business areas in an instant. All the data integration work between the layers (that is the painful part if you are in charge of doing all of this!) is done. As with the example Monday Morning Report in retail, it allows a communications business user to get instant access to a full stack of analytics. Load your data into the interface tables and the data model propagates that data all the way to the data mining models and into the dashboards.


Of course, on Monday morning you will want to know what the latest churn prediction is for your customers. With Oracle's solution you can figure this out right away.

Low risk, instant time to value and from a single vendor...

Find out more (including data sheets and brochures) here.


Through my active involvement with tele-communication industry, I have learned that "BI in a box" is little too difficult for implementation in telecom domain. One of the major reason for this is - lack of standardization in telecom business processes that varies in great extent for different market players. Moreover useful practices and standards are carefully protected by the telecom companies as they tend to believe that such practice will bring competitive advantages to their business. Unlike retail, the lack of universal standards in business process has posed huge problem to the product based IT companies trying to deliver a BI-In-A-Box solution for telecom. In Telecom domain, the nature of the business, customer expectations, product modelling, revenue generation etc. vary so widely that it is often difficult to suit an one-size-for-all solution for the companies. This coupled with huge data volumes create the perfect nuisance (and business scope for companies like Oracle - with all due respect). Current telecom has huge demand (read hunger) for BI. As the telecom ARPU (Average Revenue Par User) is decreasing and competition is increasing - more and more companies are trying to leverage the BI solutions to optimize the business. Real time reporting, highly CPU intensive statistical calculations, churn prediction, next best offer, Customer Life Time value fluctuation calculation, Advanced network fault detection etc. are today's demand from Telecom. I have personally seen many honest efforts, both organizational and personal, to fail in order to create a BI-In-A-Box solution for Telecom. But I do believe - a carefully designed, meticulously planned and diligently built solution can bridge the gap. So I will be eagerly waiting to see how xadata Intelligent Warehouse Solutions for Telecom excel in the future. Regards Akash Website: www.DWBIConcepts.com Blog: Science of Data

Posted by Akash Mitra from www.dwbiconcepts.com on July 12, 2010 at 09:43 PM PDT #

Hi Akash, Thanks for the comments. It is always useful to see all angles on a topic like this. I think the major goal for these "BI in a Box" solutions is to reduce risk and implement common ground quickly. Then individual companies will use the same technology foundation to set themselves apart from the competition with even deeper analytics. It is almost like jump starting the car engine. Driving comes after you got the car to go... Thanks, JP

Posted by jean-pierre.dijcks on July 13, 2010 at 12:54 AM PDT #

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