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Big Data SQL 3.2.1 is Now Available

Just wanted to give a quick update.  I am pleased to announce that Oracle Big Data SQL 3.2.1 is now available.   This release provides support for Oracle Database  Here are some key details: Existing customers using Big Data SQL 3.2 do not need to take this update; Oracle Database support is the reason for the update. Big Data SQL 3.2.1 can be used for both Oracle Database and deployments For Oracle Database, Big Data SQL 3.2.1...

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Autonomous Data Warehouse is LIVE!

That’s right: Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is LIVE and available in the Oracle Cloud. ADWC Launch Event at Oracle Conference CenterWe had a major launch event on Thursday last week at the Oracle Conference center in Redwood Shores which got a huge amount of press coverage. Larry Ellison delivered the main keynote covering how our next-generation cloud service is built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology which leverages machine learning to deliver...

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Loading Data to the Object Store for Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

So you got your first service instance of your autonomous data warehouse set up, you experienced the performance of the environment using the sample data, went through all tutorials and videos and are getting ready to rock-n-roll. But the one thing you’re not sure about is this Object Store. Yes, you used it successfully as described in the tutorial, but what’s next?. And what else is there to know about the Object Store? First and foremost, if you are interested in...

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Demoing OAC Querying ADWC Massive Data Volumes

If you missed all the major announcements from OpenWorld 2017 about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud then take some time to review this blog post Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 - Now Available. This great new video below is an excerpt from the Thomas Kurian's Keynote session at Oracle Cloud World earlier this month (February). In this video, George Lumpkin, VP of Product Management, shows how easy it is to create an new data warehouse inside the Oracle...

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SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive - the book

Those of you with long memories might just be able to recall a whole series of posts I did on SQL pattern matching which were taken from a deep dive presentation that I prepared for the BIWA User Group Conference. The title of each blog post started with SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive...and covered a set of 6 posts: Part 1 - Overview Part 2 - Using MATCH_NUMBER() and CLASSIFIER() Part 3 - Greedy vs. reluctant quantifiers Part 4 - Empty matches and unmatched rows? Part 5 - SKIP TO...

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Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 - Now Available

Did you miss OpenWorld 2017? Then my latest book is definitely something you will want to download! If you went to OpenWorld this book is also for you because it covers all the most important big data warehousing messages and sessions during the five days of OpenWorld.Following on from OpenWorld 2017 I have put together a comprehensive review of all the big data warehousing content from OpenWorld 2017. This includes all the key sessions and announcements from this year's...

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