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Best Practices at ODTUG

Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Master Product Manager

Today was the last day in Monterey. Bye bye aquarium and all the other wonderful things Monterey has to offer. I got lucky with owning one of the sessions in the last block of the conference. But if there is something as conference fatigue it was not to be seen in this session. It took 10 minutes to get a single slide done (slide 1, just after the agenda).

Very interesting topics came up. For example, are we seeing a tailing off in performance gains by adding more hardware? Should you still consider partitioning when you use Exadata, can’t you just rely on ASM and Exadata? Why does the database throttle back parallel degree when you have a lot of users on the system (and it seems quite aggressive)? Can you really live without indexes once you put Exadata in place? Is there any correlation between partitioning strategy and data file usages? Is ETL still taking up 70% or so of all the work in a DW project, and why? And much more…

In the next couple weeks I will try and formulate the thoughts on these topics as we discussed in the session… I guess next time, make sure you are at ODTUG to get these details much faster!!

As usual ODTUG was fun to be at. Always well organized, always casual and always good value for training.

Well done ODTUG!!

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