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Autonomous Data Warehouse is LIVE!

Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager
That’s right: Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is LIVE and available in the Oracle Cloud.

ADWC Launch Event at Oracle Conference Center

We had a major launch event on Thursday last week at the Oracle Conference center in Redwood Shores which got a huge amount of press coverage. Larry Ellison delivered the main keynote covering how our next-generation cloud service is built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology which leverages machine learning to deliver unprecedented performance, reliability and ease of deployment for data warehouses.

As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and, most importantly for a lot readers of this blog, frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more strategic business projects.

The key highlights of our Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud include:

Ease of Use: Unlike traditional cloud services with complex, manual configurations that require a database expert to specify data distribution keys and sort keys, build indexes, reorganize data or adjust compression, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a simple "load and go" service. Users specify tables, load data and then run their workloads in a matter of seconds-no manual tuning is needed.

Industry-Leading Performance: Unlike traditional cloud services, which use generic compute shapes for database cloud services, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is built on the high-performance Oracle Exadata platform. Performance is further enhanced by fully-integrated machine learning algorithms which drive automatic caching, adaptive indexing and advanced compression.

Instant Elasticity: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud allocates new data warehouses of any size in seconds and scales compute and storage resources independently of one another with no downtime. Elasticity enables customers to pay for exactly the resources that the database workloads require as they grow and shrink.

To highlight these three unique aspects of Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud the launch included a live, on-stage demo of ADWC and Oracle Analytics Cloud. If you have never seen a new data warehouse delivered in seconds rather than days then pay careful attention to the demo video below where George Lumpkin creates a new fully autonomous data warehouse with a few mouse clicks and then starts to query one of the sample schemas, shipped with ADWC, using OAC.

Probably the most important section was the panel discussion with a handful of our early adopter customers which was hosted by Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud. As always. it’s great to hear customers talk about how the simplicity and speed of ADWC are bringing about significant changes to the way our customers think about their data.

I you missed all the excitement, the keynote, demos and discussions then here is some great news….we recorded everything for you so can watch it from the comfort of your desk. Below are the links to the three main parts of the launch:


So what's next?

So you are all fired up and you want to learn more about Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud! Where do you go? First place to visit is the ADWC home page on cloud.oracle.com:

Can I Try It?

Yes you can! We have a great program that let's you get started with Oracle Cloud for free with $300 in free credits. Using your credits (which will probably last you around 30 days depending on how you configure your ADWC)you will be able to get valuable hands-on time to try loading some your own workloads and testing integration with our other cloud services such as Analytics Cloud and Data Integration Cloud.

Are there any tutorials to help me get started?

Yes there are! We have quick start tutorials covering both Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and our bundled SQL notebook application called Oracle Machine Learning, just click here:
  • Provisioning Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Connecting SQL Developer and Creating Tables
  • Loading Your Data
  • Running a Query on Sample Data
  • Creating Projects and Workspaces in OML
  • Creating and Running Notebooks
  • Collaborating in OML
  • Creating a SQL Script
  • Running SQL Statements

Is the documentation available?

Yes it is! The documentation set for ADWC is right here and the documentation set for Oracle Machine Learning is right here.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes there is! Over the next few weeks I will be posting links to more videos where our ADWC customers will take about their experiences of using ADWC during the last couple of months. There will be information about some deep-dive online tutorials that you can use as part of your free $300 trial along with lots of other topics that re too numerous to list.

If you have a burning question about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud then feel free to reach out to me via email:keith.laker@oracle.com

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