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  • October 12, 2017

What is new in Oracle GoldenGate Studio

Nisharahmed Soneji
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle GoldenGate
Just recently we released the new Oracle GoldenGate Studio version. I am going to write about new features User-interface Scalability, Reverse Engineering, and Heterogeneity provided in this release.


User-interface Scalability, helps you design your highly complex replication environment with a very intuitive design provided in GoldenGate Studio. Complex deployment diagrams having hundreds of nodes are now easy to navigate, view, edit, and build using the new scalable user interface. Earlier all the nodes, databases were shown on single deployment diagram, which was difficult to follow and edit if you have hundreds of such nodes.

In your replication environment, you have many replication paths that drive your data from point A to B, and mostly you would be working on single replication path at any point in time. You will not work on all the replication path at a given time. Your focus is the current replication path that you would be interested in viewing, editing, or navigate. Hence now with this new design, you can select individual replication path from "Combo Box" shown in the below figure and work upon it. All your replication path is shown in the combo box, later in the future release, you will be able to search the combo box items as well.

All the time you would see uni-directional replication path on the screen depending upon what you have selected in a combo box. However, If you have designed the bi-directional topology, and you were selecting the concerned replication path in a combo box, you would see the bi-directional replication path diagram on the screen.
User-Interface Scalability
Reverse Engineering is the new feature that allows you to simulate your existing replication environment into GoldenGate Studio. You can use this feature if you have current GoldenGate environment and you want to further enhance your designing and deployment experience to other GoldenGate Instances in a quick manner.
You can upload your existing extract, replicat, mgr, and GLOBALS parameter files as shown in the figure below. GoldenGate Studio then will select all the parameters in the properties inspector. From there, you can enhance your designing to other OGG and Database Instances as per your business need.
Reverse Engineering
Solution Templates and Heterogeneity includes new solution templates consolidation and distribution, and IBM DB2 LUW heterogeneous database support.
You can refer GoldenGate Studio Data Sheet for brief information about Studio, new features, and benefits. Please refer GoldenGate OTN Page, GoldenGate Studio User Guide for more information.
Feel free to reach out to me for your queries by posting in this blog.

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