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What Everybody Ought to Know About Oracle GoldenGate Big Data Features

Thomas Vengal
Director, Product Management



 Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data is released on 18-Aug-2017. 

Major features in this release include the following

  1. New Target – Amazon Kinesis ​​
  2. New Target-  Apache Kafka using Kafka Connect API and  Confluent Platform

    Here are the differences between Generic Kafka Handler and Kafka Connect Handles

    1. Generic Kafka Handler:  Can send raw bytes messages in four formats:  JSON, Avro, XML, delimited text

    2. Kafka Connect Handler :  It can create Kafka schemas and messages in-memory and it passes the messages to Kafka Connect converter to convert to bytes to send to Kafka. Kafka Connect has only two converters:  a) JSON and b) Avro.  JSON converter is available in generic open-source Kafka. Confluent Platform has Avro and JSON converters.  

  3. New Target - Elasticsearch
  4. Oracle GoldenGate Core 12.3 engine :  supporting Oracle Database 12.2 and newer trail formats
  5. New Certifications -  Apache Hadoop 2.8, CDH 5.10, 5.11, Hive 2.x, Kafka 0.10, 0.11, Cassandra 3.11 and many more 
  6. Mapping Templates: Defines templates to  dynamically resolve stream name and partition key at run time
  7. Performance: Improved performance upto 20% when compared to the prior version.


For More information on Oracle GoldenGate, you may refer to the following links


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