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Using Keywords to Sort Sessions in Operator

As some of you may know there are a couple of ways to view the ODI sessions information in Operator. You can sort the ODI sessions by date, by user, by agent but most users don't know that you can also sort the sessions by keywords or tags.

Keywords enable users to assign tags to specific ODI scenarios, the keywords could be anything from 'Data Warehouse' to a server name like 'Server_XYZ'. Using keywords makes it easier to identify specific executions in Operator. You can have more than one keyword assigned to a single ODI scenario.


Prior to using keywords, users have to create session folders in Operator.

Open up Operator and right-click on the Keywords node in the Session List or Hierarchical Sessions list.

Then select Insert Session Folder.


A new window will pop up, enter a Folder Name and specify the keywords assigned to this folder.


One folder can be using multiple keywords as shown above. All the keywords must be matched when you specify multiple keywords.

When a session is executed ODI analyzes the keywords specified in the scenario execution and will try to match them with the keywords assigned at the Session Folder level. Then the sessions will appear in the appropriate session folders.

You can view some examples of how ODI matches the session folder keywords in the ODI Documentation.


ODI users can specify keywords when launching scenarios using an Operating System command: startscen or using the OdiStartScen tool in the package toolbox as shown below.

In this example I am using the OdiStartScen tool with the following keywords: DWH, Retail Source and Oracle Target.


Refer to the ODI Documentation for additional information regarding the startscen syntax or the OdiStartScen tool.

In our example, we used DWH, Oracle Target and Retail as our session keywords so we will see our session appearing under the Oracle session folder but not under the DWH session folder since we didn't specify all the keywords required by the DWH session folder.


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