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The Best Data Integration for Oracle Exadata Comes from Oracle

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In a previous blog post I talked about about how Oracle
Exadata customers can migrate/consolidate their systems without downtime. In that blog post I mentioned that Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate offer unique and optimized data integration solutions for Oracle Exadata. For example, customers that choose to feed their data warehouse or reporting database with near real-time throughout the day, can do so without decreasing  performance or availability of
source and target systems. And if you
ask why real-time, the short answer is: in today’s fast-paced, always-on world, business
decisions need to use more relevant, timely data to be able to act fast and seize opportunities. A longer response to "why real-time" question can be
found in a related blog post.

If we look at the solution architecture, as shown on the diagram below,  Oracle Data
Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate are both uniquely designed to take full
advantage of the power of the database and to eliminate unnecessary middle-tier
Oracle Data
Integrator (ODI) is the best bulk data loading solution for Exadata. ODI is the only ETL platform that can
leverage the full power of Exadata, integrate directly on the Exadata machine
without any additional hardware, and by far provides the simplest setup and
fastest overall performance on an Exadata system.

We regularly see customers achieving a 5-10
times boost when they move their ETL to ODI on Exadata.
For  some companies the performance gain is even much higher. For example a large
insurance company did a proof of conce
pt comparing ODI vs a traditional ETL tool (one of the
market leaders) on
Exadata. The same process that was taking 5hrs and 11 minutes to
complete using the competing ETL product took 7 minutes and 20 seconds
with ODI. Oracle Data Integrator was 42 times faster than the conventional ETL
when running on
Exadata.This shows that Oracle's own data integration offering helps you to gain the most out of your Exadata investment with a truly optimized solution. 

GoldenGate is the best solution for streaming data from heterogeneous sources into Exadata
in real time. Oracle GoldenGate can also
be used together with Data Integrator for hybrid use cases that also demand
non-invasive capture, high-speed real time replication. Oracle GoldenGate enables real-time data feeds from heterogeneous
sources non-invasively, and delivers to the staging area on the target Exadata
system. ODI runs directly on Exadata to use the database engine power to
perform in-database transformations. Enterprise Data Quality is integrated with
Oracle Data integrator and enables ODI to load trusted data into the data warehouse tables.
Only Oracle can offer
all these technical benefits wrapped into a single intelligence data warehouse
solution that runs on Exadata.

Compared to
traditional ETL with add-on CDC this solution offers:

  • Non-invasive
    data capture from heterogeneous sources and avoids any performance impact
    on source
  • No
    mid-tier; set based transformations use database power
  • Mini-batches
    throughout the day –or- bulk processing nightly which means maximum
    availability for the DW
  • Integrated
    solution with Enterprise Data Quality
    enables leveraging trusted data in the data warehouse

In addition to Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Morrison Supermarkets, United Kingdom’s fourth-largest food
retailer, has seen the power of this solution for their new BI platform and shared their story with us. Morrisons
needed to analyze data across a large number of manufacturing,
warehousing, retail, and financial applications with the goal to achieve single
view into operations for improved customer service. The retailer deployed Oracle
GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator to bring new data into Oracle Exadata in
near real-time and replicate the data into reporting structures within the data
warehouse—extending visibility into operations. Using Oracle's data integration offering for Exadata, Morrisons produced financial reports in seconds, rather than minutes, and
improved staff productivity and agility. You
can read more about Morrison’s success story here and hear from Starwood here.

I also recommend you watch our on demand webcast on Zero-Downtime Migration to Oracle Exadata Using Oracle GoldenGate: A Customer Case Study and download free resources on Oracle Data Integration products to learn more about their powerful architecture and solutions for data-driven enterprises.

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