Friday Feb 10, 2012

Eliminating Batch Windows Using Real-Time Data Integration

When we invest in technology solutions we expect improvement in productivity, agility, performance and more. We don’t want to be limited by the technology we select. While data warehouses are designed to give us the freedom to access complete and reliable information, the underlying data integration architecture and the type of solution used can lead to significant constraints on how we manage our critical production systems.

With data warehousing solutions, one of the most common constraints is the time window available for batch extract processing on the source systems. The resource intensive extract process typically has to be done in off-business hours and restricts access to critical source systems.

A low-impact, real-time data integration solution can liberate your systems from batch windows. When the extract component uses a non-intrusive method, such as reading database transaction logs to capture only the changed data, it does not burden source systems. Hence, data extract can happen at any time of the day, and throughout the day, while all users are online.

SunGard is a great example for achieving a major transformation in data warehousing solutions by using log-based real-time data integration. The company removed batch processing timeline related constraint by using Oracle GoldenGate to capture all of the intraday changes that take place on the selected tables. As a result they reduced the nightly extract process from the Oracle E-Business Suite application by 9 hours. In addition, Oracle GoldenGate enables to feed EBusiness Suite data to the Oracle BI Application for Finance throughout the day. Hence, end users have access to up-to-date information on the Oracle Business Intelligence dashboards as changes occur.

To read more about how real-time data integration can free your critical systems from batch window constraints and how SunGard leveraged Oracle GoldenGate in their data warehousing implementation, I invite you to check out the SunGard case study and the article “Freedom from Batch Windows Using Real-Time Data Integration we wrote for TDWI's What Works in Emerging Technologies publication. As always, you can find more resources on Oracle GoldenGate on our recently redesigned website.

Friday Jan 13, 2012

Value of Standardizing on a Single Data Integration Platform

Fragmented data stores are a reality and so are the fragmented data architectures. Many companies still leverage custom code, scripts or even SQL in addition to SOA or BI/DW related integration solutions. Using many different data integration tools and methods,  they inadvertently create complex, hard-to-manage data architectures. Unfortunately this approach diminishes the tangible benefits of data integration by limiting the ways they can leverage data assets, and by slowing down the efforts to remove data silos.

Standardizing on a single data integration platform for enterprise-wide needs enable to maximize value from data integration projects. These benefits include:
  • Simplified project management
  • Increased developer productivity and shorter implementation times
  • Reduced development, maintenance, training and licensing cost
  • Improved visibility into how data is used
  • Reduced errors in integration and more accurate data
  • Increased agility to respond to business needs

Oracle’s Data Integration product family offers a comprehensive, flexible and integrated platform for enterprise-wide data integration needs. Next week on January 18th, we will talk about how using a single data integration platform for all major DI projects delivers value, and discuss in detail Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator’s capabilities that make Oracle the right solution for a standardized approach to data integration across the enterprise.

 In this webcast you will hear how Oracle GoldenGate provides capture and delivery capabilities for different databases  including Oracle Database, HP NonStop (Enscribe, SQL/MX, SQL/MP), DB2 (LUW and System z), SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, and MySQL. You will also learn about Oracle Data Integrator's highly flexible knowledge module architecture that provides extended connectivity to support enterprise-wide data integration needs.

Please mark your calendars and register for this free, live webcast:

Enterprise Data Integration for Heterogeneous Environments” on January 18th, 2012 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET.

Monday Sep 26, 2011

Leaders Discuss at OpenWorld: Achieving Zero Downtime Upgrades and Migrations

OpenWorld brings us another exciting session about a hot topic: system upgrades and migrations. This time it is a panel discussion between industry leaders that undertook pretty large projects with strict requirements for minimizing downtime. Fedex, SiriusXM Radio, and Dell will talk about the best practices they followed in their highly-critical migration projects and how they removed the risk of interrupting business operations leveraging Oracle GoldenGate.

On this blog site and in many of our webcasts we have talked about Oracle GoldenGate’s unique solution for upgrades and migrations. GoldenGate’s real-time, bi-directional, and heterogeneous data replication capabilities enable to switch over to the new system without downtime. It also offers a failback option by keeping the old system in synch after the switchover,  in case the new system experiences a problem. In this session, we will hear from these select customers how they configured GoldenGate for their unique project requirements.

Fedex will talk about how they are moving their data centers, and SiriusXM Radio will talk about how they consolidated data models for subscription management system after the merger. Dell’s discussion will include how they migrated their Active-Active replication environment that used Oracle Streams in the past to Oracle GoldenGate.

If you will be at Open World, and have any plans for systems upgrades or migrations, don’t miss the opportunity to hear the real-life implementation stories, lessons learned and, best practice tips.

Customer Panel: Achieving Zero-Downtime Upgrades and Migrations

Monday October 3rd 2-3pm PST

Intercontinental Hotel, Ballroom B


Learn the latest trends, use cases, product updates, and customer success examples for Oracle's data integration products-- including Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality


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