Tuesday Oct 06, 2015

Catch Up on Oracle GoldenGate at Oracle OpenWorld

This year Oracle OpenWorld brings many opportunities for Oracle GoldenGate users to learn the latest features and best practices. If you will be at OpenWorld later this month, I recommend you check out the following key Oracle GoldenGate sessions:

On Monday October 26th, Chai Pydimukkala from the GoldenGate product management team will present Oracle GoldenGate Product Update and Strategy (CON9720) session and share the new features of Oracle GoldenGate and its strategic direction. Along with Chai, Eric Schneider and Andrew Yee from our customer TicketMaster will present their GoldenGate deployment and best practices

On Tuesday Oct 27th, in the Enabling Real-Time Data Integration with Big Data (CON9724) Chai will discuss GoldenGate's offering for big data environments. With Chai,  Janardh Bantupalli from LinkedIn, will present their solution that uses Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data to optimize the data warehousing environment and achieve operational insights with lower costs.

On Wednesday October 28th you can get a preview to the anticipated Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service by attending Accelerate Cloud On-Boarding using GoldenGate Cloud Service (CON9717). You will also learn about using GoldenGate in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployment and hear from Michael Pape, CTO Database Operations for Intuit, talk about their GoldenGate best practices.  

Other key GoldenGate sessions to attend:

You can find the full list of Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integration sessions in our Focus On Document, and use the Schedule Builder to build your personal schedule for OpenWorld. While at OpenWorld, follow us via @OracleDI and @ORACLEBigData and using the hashtags #ODI12c,#OGG12c, #OEMM, #OEDQ and #OBDPCS to join the conversation.

Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

GoldenGate 12c - What is Coordinated Delivery?

In Oracle GoldenGate 12c, the parallel apply is improved with two features: Integrated Delivery and Coordinated Delivery. Different from the Integrated Delivery, Coordinated Delivery is not limited to Oracle Database.This blog discusses the new Coordinated Delivery feature by answering two questions:

  • Why do I need Coordinated Delivery?

  • What is Coordinated Delivery?
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    Friday Jan 13, 2012

    Value of Standardizing on a Single Data Integration Platform

    Fragmented data stores are a reality and so are the fragmented data architectures. Many companies still leverage custom code, scripts or even SQL in addition to SOA or BI/DW related integration solutions. Using many different data integration tools and methods,  they inadvertently create complex, hard-to-manage data architectures. Unfortunately this approach diminishes the tangible benefits of data integration by limiting the ways they can leverage data assets, and by slowing down the efforts to remove data silos.

    Standardizing on a single data integration platform for enterprise-wide needs enable to maximize value from data integration projects. These benefits include:
    • Simplified project management
    • Increased developer productivity and shorter implementation times
    • Reduced development, maintenance, training and licensing cost
    • Improved visibility into how data is used
    • Reduced errors in integration and more accurate data
    • Increased agility to respond to business needs

    Oracle’s Data Integration product family offers a comprehensive, flexible and integrated platform for enterprise-wide data integration needs. Next week on January 18th, we will talk about how using a single data integration platform for all major DI projects delivers value, and discuss in detail Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator’s capabilities that make Oracle the right solution for a standardized approach to data integration across the enterprise.

     In this webcast you will hear how Oracle GoldenGate provides capture and delivery capabilities for different databases  including Oracle Database, HP NonStop (Enscribe, SQL/MX, SQL/MP), DB2 (LUW and System z), SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, and MySQL. You will also learn about Oracle Data Integrator's highly flexible knowledge module architecture that provides extended connectivity to support enterprise-wide data integration needs.

    Please mark your calendars and register for this free, live webcast:

    Enterprise Data Integration for Heterogeneous Environments” on January 18th, 2012 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET.


    Learn the latest trends, use cases, product updates, and customer success examples for Oracle's data integration products-- including Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality


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