Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

Recap of Oracle GoldenGate 12c Webcast with Q&A

Simply amazing! That’s how I would summarize last week’s webcast for Oracle GoldenGate 12c.  It was a very interactive event with hundreds of live attendees and hundreds of great questions. In the presentation part my colleagues, Doug Reid and Joe deBuzna, went over the new features of Oracle GoldenGate 12c. They explained Oracle GoldenGate 12c key new features including:

  • Integrated Delivery for Oracle Database,
  • Coordinated Delivery for non-Oracle databases,
  • Support for Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture,
  • Enhanced high availability via integration with Oracle Data Guard Fast-Start Failover,
  • Expanded heterogeneity, i.e. support for new databases and operating systems,
  • Improved security,
  • Low-downtime database migration solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • Integration with Oracle Coherence.

We also had a nice long and live Q&A section. In the previous Oracle GoldenGate webcasts, we could not respond to all audience questions in a 10-15 minute timeframe at the end of the presentation. This time we kept the presentation part short and left more than 30 minutes for Q&A. To our surprise, we could not answer even half of the questions we received. 

If you missed this great webcast discussing the new features of Oracle GoldenGate 12c,  and more than 30 minutes of Q&A with GoldenGate Product Management, you can still watch it on demand via the link below.

On Demand Webcast: Introducing Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Extreme Performance Simplified

On this blog post I would like to provide brief answers from our PM team  for some of the questions that we were not able to answer during the live webcast.

1) Does Oracle GoldenGate replicate DDL statements or DML for Oracle Database?

    Oracle GoldenGate replicates DML and DDL operations for Oracle Database and Teradata.

2) Where do we get more info on how to setup integration with Data Guard Fast-Start Failover (FSFO)?

     Please see the following blog posts or documents on My Oracle Support:

Best Practice - Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Guard - Switchover/Fail-over Operations for GoldenGate    [My Oracle Support Article ID   1322547.1] 

Best Practice - Oracle GoldenGate 11gr2 integrated extract and Oracle Data Guard - Switchover/Fail-over Operations  [My Oracle Support Article ID 1436913.1] 

3) Does GoldenGate support SQL Server 2012 extraction? In the past only apply was supported.

Yes, starting with the new 12c release GoldenGate captures from SQL Server 2012 in addition to delivery capabilities.

4) Which RDBMS does GoldenGate 12c support?

GoldenGate supports all major RDBMS. For a full list of supported platforms please see Oracle GoldenGate certification matrix.

5) Could you provide some more details please on Integrated Delivery for dynamic parallel threads at Target side?

Please check out our white papers on Oracle GoldenGate 12c resource kit for more details on the new features, and how Oracle GoldenGate 12c works with Oracle Database. 

6) What is the best way to sync partial data (based on some selection criterion) from a table between databases?

 Please refer to the article: How To Resync A Single Table With Minimum Impact To Other Tables' Replication? [Article ID 966211.1]

7) How can GoldenGate be better than database trigger to push data into custom tables?

Triggers can cause high CPU overhead, in some cases almost double compared to reading from redo or transaction logs. In addition, they are intrusive to the application and cause management overhead as application changes. Oracle GoldenGate's log-based change data capture is not only low-impact in terms of CPU utilization, but also non-intrusive to the application with low maintenance requirements.

8) Are there any customers in the manufacturing industry using GoldenGate and for which application?

We have many references in manufacturing. In fact, SolarWorld USA was our guest speaker in the executive video webcast last November. You can watch the interview here. RIM Blackberry uses Oracle GoldenGate for multi-master replication between its global manufacturing systems. Here is another manufacturing customer story from AkzoNobel.

9) Does GoldenGate 12c support compressed objects for replication? Also does it supports BLOB/CLOB columns?

Yes, GoldenGate 12c and GoldenGate 11gR2 both support compressed objects. GoldenGate has been supporting BLOB/CLOB columns since version 10.

10) Is Oracle Database mandatory to use GoldenGate 12c Integrated Delivery? Not earlier versions?

Yes. To use GoldenGate 12c’s Integrated Delivery, for the target environment Oracle Database 11.2.04 and above is required .

11) We have Oracle Streams implementation for more than 5 years. We would like to migrate to GoldenGate, however older version of GoldenGate were not supporting filtering individual transactions. Is it supported in GoldenGate 12c?

      Yes, it is supported in GoldenGate 12c.

In future blog posts I will continue to provide answers for common questions we received in the webcast. In the meanwhile I highly recommend watching the Introducing Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Extreme Performance Simplified webcast on demand.

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

Oracle GoldenGate's Advanced Features and Best Practices: A Recap from OpenWorld

I was joined by Shan Nawaz of Verisign last Thursday morning for a great session covering best practices and advanced features of Oracle GoldenGate. Despite the rain; people recovering from the previous nights festivities; and coinciding with a whole bunch of cloud sessions and demos; we had pretty amazing attendance.

Oracle GoldenGate Advanced Features and Best Practices Session

I kicked off by giving an overview of Oracle Data Integration and a quick crash course on Oracle GoldenGate for the few in the audience not familiar with out technology.

After that, I handed over to Shan, who did a terrific job covering some of the best practices for getting optimal performance out of Oracle GoldenGate. He started off with an image that truly summarizes the difference GoldenGate can make to an enterprise:

Shan then moved on to cover a number of philosophies and techniques that he had used successfully to maximize the potential of Verisign’s investment in Oracle GoldenGate, including:

  • Making sure you understand what the data integration requirements are before you start. What is the primary objective of using GoldenGate? What is the maximum throughput you expect, and maximum latency you can accept? If you don’t know these things, you won’t be able to measure success.
  • Learning when you might need to consider parallel data streams to handle maximum load, and what functionality is available to help you achieve that.
  • Determining the impact of I/O on GoldenGate processes and architecting solutions to minimize this.
  • Improving the performance of the GoldenGate Capture, Pump and Delivery processes and optimal tuning of network components.

This was followed by my Advanced Features portion of the session, in which I highlighted some of the less commonly known aspects of Oracle GoldenGate functionality. I covered:

  • The Event Marker Infrastructure – which allows GoldenGate processes to take specific actions whenever they encounter certain database records
  • Flat File Integration – which adds micro-batch file delivery capabilities to GoldenGate
  • Java Integration – which enables GoldenGate to invoke Java APIs based on database events; and provides capture and delivery of data using a JMS message bus

Finally, I gave a preview of some future (next calendar year) functionality that aims to enable Oracle GoldenGate to directly integrate with Oracle Coherence and Oracle TopLink to allow database changes to immediately trigger cache changes. This should help solve a number of use-cases where cached data may become stale if the underlying data changes.

With so much content, we didn’t have much time for Q&A, but still managed to have quite a lively, if brief, Q&A session. Shan had to leave quickly to catch an international flight, but still graciously answered some in-depth questions and swapped contact information with another customer so they could continue the conversation off-line.

It was a pleasure to present with Shan, and I am looking forward to similar sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.


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