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Sprint's Journey to Success with Real-Time Data Integration

Sprint's David Harris, Director of Enterprise Data Warehouse, presented yesterday at OpenWorld their near real-time data warehouse implementation with Oracle GoldenGate. David told us after the merger with Nextel one of their key challenge was to find the right tool to meet Sprint/Nextel's data integration needs. Sprint had to capture data from third party hosted Customer Billing application and bring into their enterprise infrastructure to support external reporting to investors as well as data access and reporting mechanisms for retail store systems, customer care systems, and provisioning systems. Existing solutions were not capable of meeting the replication requirements for the new combined subscriber base from the merger.

In evaluating vendors and technologies for this purpose Sprint's key criteria included:




Data Integrity



David mentioned that after a 3-month long proof of concept process that evaluated 3 different data integration technologies. Sprint chose Oracle GoldenGate. Oracle GoldenGate now moves transactional data across firewalls: from Sprint's billing application, hosted by their vendor, to six (Oracle and Non-Oracle) target databases across 4 geographical Sprint locations. Sprint's target systems include their enterprise data warehouse, which allows different departments, from customer care to retail store management, to improve their operations with timely data.

David Harris also shared with us the great results Sprint achieved with Oracle GoldenGate :

They improved their replication SLA from 70% to 99%.

Compared to 3 hour latency that they had before implementing GoldenGate, they now can feed the target systems in 6-10 minutes.

Oracle GoldenGate captures data from 900GB Billing System Archive Log files per day, and did not experienced any unplanned outage in the past 2 year.

The solution did not have any data integrity issues between the source and targets.

As a result of this smooth, fast, scalable data integration between their hosted billing system and their enterprise systems Sprint saved millions of dollars in operations cost.

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