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PostgreSQL and AWS Aurora Capture using GoldenGate for PostgreSQL on OCI Marketplace

Nisharahmed Soneji
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle GoldenGate

I am excited to announce the general availability of Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL on OCI Marketplace. 

The GoldenGate for PostgreSQL was made Generally available recently few months back. The GoldenGate products are available through OCI Marketplace, and GoldenGate for PostgreSQL is new addition to the GoldenGate OCI Marketplace listing. The Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL on OCI Marketplace contains all the functionality provided by GoldenGate PostgreSQL that includes supports the capturing of data from Amazon PostgreSQL RDS and Amazon PostgreSQL Aurora and helps you replicate the data into Oracle autonomous database which is a cloud database that uses machine learning to automate database tuning, security, backups, updates, and other routine management tasks traditionally performed by DBAs. Unlike a conventional database, an autonomous database performs all these tasks and more without human intervention.

You may use the GoldenGate for PostgreSQL on OCI Marketplace and remotely capture the data from on-premises PostgreSQL database or PostgreSQL database hosted on any third-party cloud vendor to replicate the data into oracle autonomous databases. The Cross-endian remote Extract allows remote capture of on-premises PostgreSQL databases for easier migration to the cloud. You may capture data remotely using cross-endian extract from PostgreSQL database running on Solaris, HPUX, Windows, AIX and any PostgreSQL supported platforms.

Benefits of Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL on Marketplace images include:

  • Ready Integration with Oracle GoldenGate for delivering live data from cloud and on-premises databases
  • The Cross-endian remote Extract allows remote capture of on-premises PostgreSQL databases for easier migration to the cloud.
  • SSL enabled PostgreSQL database supported for capture and delivery
  • GoldenGate PostgreSQL can co-exists with native replication tool
  • Coordinated replicat & BatchSQL support for better replication throughput 
  • CDR (Conflict Detection & Resolution) to resolve conflicts while replicating data

Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL image on OCI Marketplace contains the following pre-configured and ready to use software:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux - 7.7
  • Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL  -*

Steps for Launching GoldenGate on OCI Marketplace:

  1. Navigate to https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace and search for Oracle GoldenGate for Non-Oracle.
  2. Select GoldenGate for Non-Oracle and choose Launch App and provide the details in the displayed forms. You will need an existing OCI account and a pair of SSH public-private keys.
  3. Login remotely to the provisioned instance using SSH and private key
  4. You can find the WebUI login credentials in the README.txt file
  5. Access GoldenGate PostgreSQL machine from the public IP Address provided on the OCI confirmation page using ssh private and public key.

Promotional Offer:

Oracle GoldenGate PostgreSQL Oracle on Marketplace is also part of the on-going Marketplace promotional offer for GoldenGate products. Please read the blog for more details.

Documentation and Certification Details:

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