Using Snappy Compression OCI GoldenGate (Confluent) Kafka Replication

October 16, 2023 | 1 minute read
Deniz Sendil
Senior Principal Product Manager
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The Kafka Producer Configuration file supports the use of compression. To use compression in OCI GoldenGate Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, Azure event Hubs or Amazon MSK replication, you need to create a kafka producer configuration file and upload to your connection. In addtional producer configuration, you can set the compression type by using compression.type setting. For example: compression.type=snappy

After additional producer configuration file is created, upload to your connection. To upload to your connection:

  1. Go to your Connection Details and click Edit 
  2. Click Show Advanced Options and Update Additional Properties
  3. Click Select under Producer Properties and select the additional properties file created
  4. Click Save Changes

After connection is updated, add -Dorg.xerial.snappy.tempdir=/u03/temp to jvm.bootoptions setting in replicat properties and star the replicat. If you're using other compression types, for examle gzip, you dont need to set bootoptions settings. 


OCI GoldenGate

OCI GoldenGate


Deniz Sendil

Senior Principal Product Manager

Deniz Sendil is a Senior Principle Product Manager in Oracle GoldenGate product group with a focus on GoldenGate for Big Data. Deniz has over 17 years of experience in data management, analytics and data integration domains. 

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