Top 7 Oracle GoldenGate Announcements at CloudWorld 2023

September 19, 2023 | 11 minute read
Jeff Pollock
Vice President
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Top 7 GoldenGate Announcements at CloudWorld 2023

Oracle GoldenGate continues its reign at the forefront of real-time data management with more investments in AI, Cloud, and streaming technologies. Broad industry shifts towards data fabric, mesh architecture, distributed data, and multi-cloud solutions play right into GoldenGate's core strengths and those strengths are why the most successful businesses in the world depend on it as a foundation for their data platforms. GoldenGate is trusted by 1000’s of customers (> 80% of Fortune 500) for operational applications as well as analytic and data science use cases.

With appreciation for our thousands of customers and in anticipation of many more, the GoldenGate team is very happy to announce this year’s major updates to the platform at Oracle CloudWorld. 

Summary of today’s announcements with links for more information:

As you can see the GoldenGate team has had a very busy year!  These announcements are each significant on their own and I encourage you to dive in for more details.  Here is a brief summary of each of these important innovations:

GoldenGate 23c Free

Oracle GoldenGate 23c Free is the same, powerful Oracle GoldenGate that businesses throughout the world rely on. It offers a full-featured experience and is packaged for ease of use and simple download—for free.  Whether you are a developer, a data scientist, a DBA, an educator, or just interested in real-time data, Oracle GoldenGate 23c Free is an ideal way to get started. It provides native support for low-latency replication, modern data types, microservices, and all the top-tier GoldenGate features—all built into one easy to use free package.

This latest release of 23c includes support for Oracle Database 23c and brings a whole new – vastly simplified – user experience for setting up multi-active data replication with Automatic Conflict Detection & Resolution (ACDR).

As always, GoldenGate Free is completely free forever and is easy to download from Oracle Container Registry in its pre-built container.  Read here for more information… 

Innovations for AI, Vector Embeddings and Streaming Data

As one of the hottest areas of tech buzz in 2023, everyone is talking about Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and the impact it is already having on the world.  Oracle GoldenGate is both being shaped by GenAI as well helping to shape how GenAI can best be used with enterprise data.  Enterprise organizations are rapidly recognizing the benefits of a technique called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) which is a way to incorporate secure, fresh enterprise data into GenAI answers.  Without RAG, training and fine-tuning GenAI models can be costly, insecure and will typically only provide stale data sets.  RAG techniques address this problem by providing fresh data as vector datatype embeddings that can be used with GenAI engines.

The Oracle GoldenGate platform can be used to stream real-time data changes into the RAG vector embeddings used by GenAI engines that answer questions with enterprise data. GoldenGate can be used to prepare and cleanse data in real-time, then ‘vectorize’ the data into the embedding store.  There are several ways to approach this with GoldenGate.