Performance Considerations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate -Data/ Delta Lakes

November 27, 2023 | 1 minute read
Deniz Sendil
Senior Principal Product Manager
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OCI GoldenGate is the only cloud-native service providing the best-in-class data replication functionality with Oracle GoldenGate in a fully managed cloud environment. Using OCI GoldenGate, you can easily replicate your data securely, in real- time, at scale across heterogeneous cloud and on-premises systems. OCI GoldenGate supports dozens of different source and target technology combinations to support various use cases, from migrations to distributed analytics.

OCI GoldenGate Sources & Targets

Since OCI GoldenGate’s release, real-time data ingestion into cloud storage services has been one of the most common use cases. OCI GoldenGate supports connections to cloud storage resources such as OCI Object Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage (Azure Storage), Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage. OCI GoldenGate also supports JSON, delimited text, Parquet, Avro, and Avro OCF formats.

In order to provide sound recommendations, Oracle conducted 12 diverse tests to better understand optimal configuration settings.  They have been published with recommendations in this technical brief - Performance Considerations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate.  We also recommend working with an Oracle engineer to test your use cases to find the optimal configuration for your business requirements.

Deniz Sendil

Senior Principal Product Manager

Deniz Sendil is a Senior Principle Product Manager in Oracle GoldenGate product group with a focus on GoldenGate for Big Data. Deniz has over 17 years of experience in data management, analytics and data integration domains. 

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