Oracle GoldenGate now supports SingleStoreDB and SingleStoreDB Cloud

May 18, 2023 | 2 minute read
Mack Bell
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Oracle GoldenGate and SingleStore product management and development teams are excited to announce support for SingleStoreDB and SingleStoreDB Cloud as target endpoints for Oracle GoldenGate for non-Oracle.

Oracle GoldenGate is known for being the industry-leader in reliably capturing and applying changed data from Oracle and non-Oracle databases, Kafka and JMS, then securely propagating those transactions to targets including databases, files, Kafka, JMS, etc. The new integration of GoldenGate with the SingleStore ecosystem allows data to be reliably ingested from GoldenGate sources and delivered to SingleStore databases. 

Support for delivering data to SingleStoreDB versions 7.8 and 8.0, and SingleStoreDB Cloud version 7.9 is now available starting with the GoldenGate 21.10 patch and is part of the Oracle GoldenGate for MySQL family of supported databases.

To download and apply the patch, go to the Patches & Updates tab at, select Product or Family from the Search sub-tab, enter Oracle GoldenGate in the Product field, and then select version OGGRU from the Release drop-down list.  Choose either the Oracle GoldenGate for MySQL Microservices patch, or the Classic Architecture patch.  Patching instructions are available at our Document site.

Mack Bell

Senior Principal Product Manager

Mack is an Oracle GoldenGate Product Manager and has over 17 years of experience working with GoldenGate.  He covers product management for GoldenGate for MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SingleStore, Teradata, and TimesTen.

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