Announcing Oracle GoldenGate Free

October 18, 2022 | 3 minute read
Alex Kotopoulis
Director of Product Management
Alex Lima
Director of Product Management
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Oracle GoldenGate Free is now available.

Visit this blog for a video overview and download instructions.


Oracle GoldenGate Free is the same powerful Oracle GoldenGate that enterprises rely on worldwide, packaged for simple download, ease-of-use, and a fully-featured experience.  It is the entire application portfolio delivered in an Oracle Docker container ready to be deployed anywhere – on premises, in OCI, or on other cloud platforms.

GoldenGate Free Interactive Editor
GoldenGate Free Interactive Editor

GoldenGate Free provides all features of the licensed GoldenGate product and additionally provides a recipe-driven user interface to easily create and manage replication pipelines. It is limited for use with databases up to 20 GB in size, is supported through community forums instead of Oracle support, and cannot interact with full use, licensed GoldenGate products. For detailed limitations please review the licensing guide once available.

Easy to Use

GoldenGate Free has been designed to lower the bar of entry for real-time data integration. This starts with simple deployment of a pre-built docker container without an installation process. Developers can get started quickly through a recipe-based design process that provides recipes for common use cases to define and execute replication pipelines. Experienced GoldenGate developers will also appreciate access to the complete microservices API and UI to configure GoldenGate processes as usual.


The GoldenGate Free environment is contained in a self-sufficient docker container with all required components. It can connect to external source and target databases and interact with other GoldenGate Free containers to distribute replication processes. The container provides all elements of GoldenGate such as the microservices environment, admin client and other commands.

GoldenGate Free Architecture
GoldenGate Free Architecture

Use Cases

GoldenGate Free can provide value to a wide range of use cases and personas:

Developers and Data Architects

  • Design data replication into your architecture to process data as events; learn more about using Oracle GoldenGate real-time data replication.


  • Test-drive the optimal way to replicate Oracle Databases for high availability, query offloading, or migration.


  • Explore CDC and data mesh as a part of modern enterprise-level data architectures and teach students to build industry solutions for real-time data.

ISVs and OEMs

  • Embed and distribute data replication as part of your solutions and applications on premises or in the cloud, without license fees.


GoldenGate Free is now available.  Visit the availability blog post for download information.


At Cloud World you can learn more

Learn more here:

Alex Kotopoulis

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the Database team and covers Database Migration, Streaming and Big Data products such as OCI Database Migration, Oracle Stream Analytics, and GoldenGate.  

Alex Lima

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the GoldenGate group focusing on GoldenGate Core Product, GoldenGate for Oracle, and Goldengate Foundation Suite.  Alex has a 20-year extensive background in managing, integrating, and architecting Oracle database solutions to customers worldwide, specializing in process improvement, performance, tunning, and high availability.

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