Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data Articles get a new look!

October 31, 2023 | 3 minute read
Anuradha Chepuri
Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle
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Starting Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 21.12, the Documentation gets a new look with the Source and Target Handlers getting distinct topics under the new Replicate Data section.
Furthermore, the Oracle Help Center page gets a major overhaul and is diversified into the following categories:

GoldenGate for Events and Message Streaming

GoldenGate for Big Data and Lakehouses

GoldenGate for Data Warehouses

GoldenGate for NoSQL

The Quickstarts have been appended with a couple of new items:

And all the User Assistance(UA) Assets are accessible from:
The Oracl GoldenGate for Big Data patch release comprises the following fixes as well:

1. Wrong date format replicating from DB2
2. MONGO REP: org.bson.codecs.configuration.CodecConfigurationException: The uuidRepresentation has not been specified, so the UUID cannot be encoded
3. The connection string contains options without trailing slash
4. Pick better MongoDB error codes for not-found and duplicate errors
5. Handle upsert mode behavior where it does not report rows affected
6. Change Event Handler configuration back to strict
7. MicroServices Snowflake - unable to restart replicat | oracle.goldengate.datasource.meta.TableMetaData; local class incompatible
8. Redis Hash Delivery - ERROR 2023-080-25 20:06:37.000168 [main] - An exception occuredcreating index. 

Anuradha Chepuri

Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle

As a Consulting User Assistance (UA) Developer, I'm responsible for developing all the UA Assets for Oracle Database products.

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