Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 19c ( - August 2020 Bundle Patch Release

August 13, 2020 | 2 minute read
Thomas Vengal
Director, Product Management
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Oracle GoldenGate Product team is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 

What’s New in Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data

  • Stage and Merge -  OCI Object Store to Oracle Autonomous Datawarehouse(ADW)
    A new event handler will stage data in OCI Object Storage and then load it in a batch mode to OCI Autonomous Datawarehouse. This feature improves overall data loading performance for larger volumes to ADW when compared to row-by-row inserts of CDC data using the GoldenGate for Oracle. The XMLTYPE and LOB data type update features are also included in the ADW handler. This handler can also support compressed update trails also.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics (Azure SQL Datawarehouse)
    GoldenGate for Big Data can now natively deliver to Azure Synapse. Azure Synapse is a new generation Azure SQL Datawarehouse that blends data analytics, data warehousing, and data integration into a single unified service that provides end-to-end analytics with a limitless scale.
  • New REST interface for Elasticsearch
    Newer versions of Elasticsearch expect to connect with a new interface called Elasticsearch High-Level REST client. The REST client supports connecting to Elasticsearch versions 7.x+. Older Transport Client is deprecated from Elasticsearch for newer versions of Elasticsearch.
  • Transactions and Headers in Kafka
    Allow users to select meta columns to inject context-based key-value pairs into the Kafka message headers using generic Kafka and Kafka Connect handlers. 
  • Automatically configure JDBC metadata provider
    Can now automatically configure the metadata provider feature when JDBC handler is used against a DB target.
  • Newer Certifications like Apache Kafka 2.5, Confluent Platform 5.5, Azure Synapse Analytics 10, Oracle BDS, MongoDB 4.2, Casandra 3.11, Elasticsearch 7.8, Oracle NoSQL 19.x, and many more !!!

More Information on Oracle GoldenGate 19.1

  • Learn more about Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
  • Download Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data from Oracle Support  (Patch # 31526122 for Big Data & #31489543 for Synapse)
  • Release Notes for Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
  • Documentation for Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
  • Certification Matrix for Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data

Thomas Vengal

Director, Product Management

Thomas Vengal is Director of Product Management at Oracle. Previously, he worked at Informatica as a product manager and development manager at HP Software. He has been working in the application and data management domain for over 15 years. He holds M.Tech in Data Science from BITS Pilani and an MBA from Perth Graduate School of Business.

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