GoldenGate 23c and an invitation to the Beta program

October 18, 2022 | 4 minute read
Alex Lima
Director of Product Management
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We are pleased to announce the Beta availability of our new GoldenGate 23c release for Oracle databases.  GoldenGate 23c is shaping up to be a great release.  There are over 40 features that will improve high availability, performance, usability, supportability, security, and resiliency.  Also included in this release is replication support for new Database 23c features.  See below for all the details.


GoldenGate 23c will also be the next long-term support version once its general availability version is released, and this is the version to upgrade to if customers are on older versions from 12g through 21c or if customers are still using GoldenGate Classic versions. 


GoldenGate 23c BETA


The GoldenGate 23c Beta release program is scheduled to be available in the last quarter of 2022. With this formal beta program, existing customers can evaluate and test new features at scale with assistance and support from product management and development. We are now accepting nominations for customers to be part of the beta program and have the first look at the new features.  If you are a customer interested in joining the Beta program, please reach out to me.

Features   Features   Features


GoldenGate 23c will deliver several improvements and new features across the product.  This new improvement will facilitate the use of the platform by enhancing interfaces, providing additional security, high availability, support for 23c Database, and diagnostically features. 





  • Supports replication for new Oracle Database 23c features
    • Boolean and Escrow columns, SQL Domains, and tables with 4K columns
  • Supports replication for prior Oracle Database features
    • Blockchain and immutable table




  • A significant HA/DR architecture improvement to reduce points of failure
    • Eliminate shared storage and setup and operations simplification


  • Able to patch applications without downtime using Edition-based redefinition (EBR).  This is a mission-critical capability for enterprise applications as well as for ISV applications.  GoldenGate now supports online DDL when GG replication is present with EBR.


  • Performance and Resiliency
    • New areas of parallelism
    • Faster Network failure detection and auto-reconnect
    • Additional features for automatic conflict, detection and resolution (CDR)
    • DDL notification in the target system
    • Improved performance of JSON Partial Updates


  • Enable programmatic access using the Asynch API standard to access GoldenGate trail files from the Distribution Service
    • Developers seeking to directly access fault-tolerant/reliable/logical database events through popular programming languages, such as Python can use the Asynch standard.


  • Usability and User Experience
    • Updated Web user experience and refreshed web pages
    • Out-of-the-box recipe-driven pipelines web studio.



  • Security enhancements
    • Single sign-on support for GoldenGate microservice with OCI Identity Domains
    • Harden trail file encryption by supporting non-extractable master keys in Oracle Key Vault 21.4
    • Built-in capture and apply for roles in Oracle Database 23c


  • Observability enhancements
    • Simplified AWR with System Resource Usage section for all types of Replicat, Extract, XStream In, and XStream Out processes and their sub-components
    • Add replication top SQL statistics and DB wait events
    • Reorganize replication process performance metrics
    • Represent replication data stream in a pipeline format
    • Integrate with external monitoring/analytics/time series databases


GG23c is a feature-rich release that every customer is encouraged to test and validate against their own integrations.  Join our Beta program and learn more.




Alex Lima

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the GoldenGate group focusing on GoldenGate Core Product, GoldenGate for Oracle, and Goldengate Foundation Suite.  Alex has a 20-year extensive background in managing, integrating, and architecting Oracle database solutions to customers worldwide, specializing in process improvement, performance, tunning, and high availability.

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