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April 10, 2024 | 3 minute read
Katherine Wardhana
User Assistance Developer
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Greetings from your OCI GoldenGate User Assistance (UA) team! It's been a while since your last update! I hope everybody have had a great start to 2024!

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Introducing two new deployments

This latest release of OCI GoldenGate includes Data Transforms and Stream Analytics as two new deployment types. esign graphical data transformations to move and transform data between different systems. uild scalable streaming pipelines for data processing and real-time analytics.

New documentation feature: Filters

With the addition of the the Data Transforms and Stream Analytics deployment types, we added filtering capabilities in the documentation to help you find relevant information faster!

If the Table of Contents is collapsed, click Open.

Open table of contents from the navigation bar













You can find the filters in the navigation bar and you can filter articles based on AudienceEnvironnment, and Configuration.

Navigation bar audience, environment, and configuration

For example, if you're looking for an article related to Data Replication, then under Configuration, select Data Replication.

Filter data replication under configuration

The table of contents then displays only the articles related to Data Replication.

Filter results shown under Replicate Data

If you are looking for more specific articles, such as articles that explain how to replicate data in a MySQL environment, then you would select MySQL from the Environments filter and select Data Replication from the Configuration filter.

Filter search results by selecting MySQL under Environment and Data Replication under Configuration

In the Table of Contents, you can access more specific articles based on the filter selections. 

Filtered quickstarts after selecting MySQL and Data Replication

Another example, is if you are looking for articles related to Stream Analytics. Select Stream Analytics under Configuration.

Filter Stream Analytics under Configuration

The table of contents then shows all the connections supported by Stream Analytics and the Stream and analyze articles.

Filtered results shown under Connect and Stream and Analyze

Stay tuned!

Even more connections and new features are planned for the rest of 2024! 

To help you get started with Stream Analytics and Data Transforms, check out our new Quickstarts:

There are also new LiveLab workshops available too:

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Katherine Wardhana

User Assistance Developer

Katherine is a User Assistance Developer at Oracle. Katherine produces and maintains documentation and other user learning materials for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products, such as video tutorials and hands-on training course labs.

Katherine is a recent grad from the University of Washington and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Informatics focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. Katherine is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. 

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