Announcing support for 30+ new heterogeneous data platforms in OCI GoldenGate

October 18, 2022 | 3 minute read
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Oracle GoldenGate Announcements

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a fully managed, native cloud service that moves data in real-time at scale. OCI GoldenGate processes data as it moves from one or more source data management systems to target endpoints. You can also design, run, orchestrate, and monitor data replication tasks without allocating or managing any compute environments.

Since its launch last year, OCI GoldenGate has helped hundreds of customers implement numerous use cases: from replicating their data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to keeping their data in-sync across a distributed, multi-cloud landscape, or off-loading reporting to databases downstream from their SaaS applications. 

Current OCI GoldenGate sources and targets

Today, Oracle announces 30+ new data platforms to OCI GoldenGate. These new connectors expand the existing Oracle Database replication to non-Oracle replication and extend connectivity to Open-Source and 3rd party technologies and on the major cloud provider platforms as shown in the diagram below. This new connectivity has already begun to roll out in OCI data centers and will continue through Q1 2023.

OCI GoldenGate expands connections support across clouds, databases, and open-source

Connect to open-source databases and big data platforms

The most recent database additions include MySQL and MariaDB. These open-source databases are supported across on-premises and in the cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. See announcement.

Coming soon will be support for PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and some of the top Cloud databases such as AWS Aurora, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery. In addition, we will include new connectors to some of the most widely used NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Redis, and Oracle Autonomous JSON Database.

Build a hybrid and multicloud streaming data fabric

Also recently, streaming and event connectivity was included with Kafka and OCI Streaming. Adding the Confluent platform and Azure Event Hubs support to the OCI platform establishes a broad and flexible hybrid and multicloud capability. With OCI GoldenGate, you can now deploy an enterprise-wide messaging architecture that allows data owners to reliably publish event-driven data for operational, analytical, data science, and archival use cases.

Analyze data-in-motion

Customers with event-based messaging architectures also have the opportunity to analyze streaming data while it is in motion. OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics is a new service integrated with OCI GoldenGate that transforms, models, processes, analyzes, and acts on data-in-motion.  Whether the data comes from GoldenGate database events or any Kafka compatible producer, you can expand your understanding and responsiveness by evaluating data in real-time using streaming data pipelines and pattern-matching analytic functions.

Publish data to Data Lakehouses

Database and messaging events need to be ingested by data lakehouses and data lakes. With OCI GoldenGate, any supported source including Oracle and non-Oracle databases, and streaming Kafka messages can publish event-driven data directly into Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and Azure object stores.  

All in all, OCI GoldenGate has all the components to build a reliable, high velocity, and heterogeneous enterprise data fabric. OCI GoldenGate’s new connectivity capabilities highlight Oracle’s commitment to GoldenGate’s heterogeneous real-time data integration for hybrid and multicloud environments.


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Julien Testut is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle GoldenGate group focusing on OCI GoldenGate and GoldenGate for Big Data. He previously led product management activities for OCI Data Integration, Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and ODI Cloud Service. Julien has an extensive background in Cloud, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance solutions. He is also a co-author of the 'Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator: A Hands-on Tutorial' and 'Oracle Data Integrator Cookbook' books. Before joining Oracle, he was an Applications Engineer at Sunopsis, which Oracle then acquired.

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