OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics now available in Limited Availability

October 6, 2023 | 2 minute read
Alex Kotopoulis
Director of Product Management
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a fully managed service platform for real-time data management. Besides real-time data replication between databases, no-SQL stores, data lakes and applications, as well as data transforms, we are also releasing the Stream Analytics deployment type in limited availability so you can try it out in several OCI regions (San Jose, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal)! Please contact your Oracle sales contact, support, or myself to be added to the limited availability program. 

OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics (OCI GGSA) allows users to model, process, analyze, and act on real-time streaming information using sophisticated correlation patterns, time-series analytics, geospatial analysis, and machine learning. With OCI GGSA, businesses can make informed decisions with timely and accurate insights into their data.

GGSA screen shot

Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics is available in 3 formats:

  • Fully managed cloud service as OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics (New)
  • Co-managed cloud instance as GoldenGate Stream Analytics for OCI Marketplace for deployment on OCI compute or OCI Roving Edge devices
  • User-managed software as GoldenGate Stream Analytics for installation on on-premises, Oracle or 3rd party clouds

Get started using OCI GGSA today by opening GoldenGate in the OCI console and creating a Stream Analytics deployment type. I recommend going through some of our Workshops to familiarize yourself with the service and its capabilities.

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Alex Kotopoulis

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the Database team and covers Database Migration, Streaming and Big Data products such as OCI Database Migration, Oracle Stream Analytics, and GoldenGate.  

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