OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics

October 18, 2022 | 4 minute read
Alex Kotopoulis
Director of Product Management
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OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics (OCI GGSA) allows users to model, process, analyze, and act on real-time streaming information by using sophisticated correlation patterns, time-series analytics, geo-spatial analysis, and machine learning.  You can learn more and see a demonstration in this CloudWorld video presentation.


GGSA Screenshot
OCI GGSA interactive pipeline editor


Timely analytics and insights have long been the decision-making objective, but day-end and period-end batch data transfers into analytic data stores have never been the sufficient answer.  Stream Analytics offers a transformational payoff – analyze data events as fast as they arrive - whether for conventional business transactions or in-motion IoT events.  

GoldenGate Stream Analytics is an integral part of the Oracle GoldenGate product family.  It is available on premises, in the OCI Marketplace, and now as a native, fully managed OCI service. 

GGSA capabilities
OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics conceptual architecture and functional capabilities


OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics has the following capabilities:

  • Native cloud service with automatic installation, patching, management, and scaling; metered for usage-based billing
  • Interactive design of Stream Analytic data pipelines through a visual editor
  • Reusable business solution patterns available for users to select a familiar solution analysis (View a demo)
  • Predictive Analysis based on a wide selection of machine-learning models, integration with industry-standard ONNX, PMML, and Oracle Machine Learning models (View a demo)
  • Change data capture through integration with Oracle GoldenGate, analysis, and transformation of captured operational mission critical transactions. (View a demo)
  • Graphical visualization of real-time data in various chart styles, maps, and tabular displays
  • Analyze and correlate geospatial information in streams, graphically define and introspect location data and rules
  • Rich set of event streaming sources and targets including CSV, JSON, and Avro files in Kafka, and JMS queues
  • Robustness, scalability, and speed through parallel, in-memory processing in Spark big data environment

Streaming Data and Instant Analytics is a solution and an architecture

OCI GGSA captures data from sources as the events happen. Then, after the analysis and action, it can archive, publish, and send the data along through your information architecture.

GGSA Sources and Targets
OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics is both a consumer and producer of stream analytics

Supports open-source standards for event streams and machine learning

OCI GGSA can subscribe and publish to various event streams from OCI Streaming Service and Apache Kafka, in addition to a myriad of other open source, 3rd party, and Oracle technologies, such as AWS, Azure and Oracle object stores, HDFS, and MySQL.

OCI GGSA supports standards-based machine model descriptions ONNX, PMML and Oracle Machine Learning. These ML models can be called upon within event streams to make predictions and guide alternative paths in the pipeline, alert users and/ or take specific programmatic corrective actions. 

Built-in OCI and OCI GoldenGate integration simplifies analyzing real-time data

As part of the OCI GoldenGate platform, OCI GGSA is easily provisioned, automatically maintained, and enabled for elastic scaling. Stream processing resources automatically scale up and down based on computational demand. OCI GGSA is integrated with related OCI services, such as OCI Streaming to ingest and propagate Kafka and other messages, OCI Notifications to send alerts through SMS, email, and other means, OCI Metering to measure system activity; it also shares configuration and connection information with other OCI GoldenGate deployments.

Grab stream event data from anywhere using GoldenGate

OCI GGSA can ingest data from multiple GoldenGate products whether on premises, in OCI, or in 3rd party clouds. GoldenGate can capture Oracle (Database, Exadata, Autonomous) and non-Oracle (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Db2 LUW, iSeries and mainframe, SQL Server, and others) database transactions to be processed as events in OCI GGSA.

An early review from IDC

In conversations with Amy Machado, Research Manager for Streaming Data Pipelines at IDC, she remarked, “OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics is a powerful data-in-motion addition to the Oracle Cloud portfolio.  While we hold the core on-premises capabilities (no-code pipeline building, continuous SQL analytical time-series and geo-spatial functions, and end user visualizations) in high regard, we are pleased to see that these have all been faithfully repurposed and improved in the corresponding fully-managed cloud service.  With the continuously expanding number of heterogeneous supported sources and targets, OCI GoldenGate is positioning itself to become a real-time hybrid and multicloud enterprise data fabric.”


OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics will be available in the 1st quarter of 2023, please contact us if you would like an early preview of this capability right now! 


At Cloud World you can learn more

Learn more here:


Alex Kotopoulis

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the Database team and covers Database Migration, Streaming and Big Data products such as OCI Database Migration, Oracle Stream Analytics, and GoldenGate.  

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