OCI GoldenGate is first of any major cloud provider to deliver operational and analytic integration into a single data fabric

April 21, 2021 | 6 minute read
Denis Gray
Sr. Director Products
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a fully-managed cloud service that customers can use to help ensure that their valuable data is always available and analyzable in real-time.  Best of all, OCI GoldenGate is built on the industry leading, highly trusted real time data technology – Oracle GoldenGate.  OCI GoldenGate provides customers with a real-time data fabric platform to design, execute, orchestrate, and monitor their data replication and streaming data events.  OCI GoldenGate is the first cloud service of its kind to provide an elastic, pay-per-use solution for general purpose database replication, operational integration, real-time data ingestion to cloud, and supporting time-series analytics while data is in flight.




About OCI GoldenGate

The OCI GoldenGate service is the first of any major cloud provider cloud service to overcome the biggest obstacles IT organizations face when migrating their mission-critical databases to the cloud. This includes the time, expertise, and skills it takes to extract, replicate, and load their data into cloud data stores, making the process excessively complex and costly. In contrast, the OCI GoldenGate service uniquely delivers highly automated data integration, change data capture, and real-time transaction replication. It aligns database operational integration with real-time analytic insights in a multi-cloud ecosystem. The combination of cloud elasticity and operational simplicity typically results in lowering costs to customers by half as much as other cloud providers’ do-it-yourself options.


Key use cases of OCI GoldenGate include:

  • Real-Time Data Warehouse. Provide continuous, real-time capture and delivery of changed data between OLTP and data warehouse systems.
  • Oracle SaaS. Direct integration with Oracle SaaS to deliver real-time change data capture to downstream systems to provide deeper analysis and business insight.
  • Operational Reporting. Offload reporting activity from production databases to lower cost of secondary systems with current data for real-time reporting.
  • Operational Data Integration. Integrate operational data between OLTP systems in real-time. Enable service-oriented architectures to operate with real-time data by publishing changed data.


OCI GoldenGate runs on the latest Oracle GoldenGate 21c microservices architecture, which allows for a global mesh of connected data resources. OCI GoldenGate’s fully encapsulated micro services enable customers to seamlessly integrate the service into their dev-ops CI/CD pipeline as a first-class, infrastructure-as-code service. OCI GoldenGate is architected to integrate with on-premises Docker and Kubernetes “mesh” deployments of GoldenGate with no shared framework dependencies and no shared repository, enabling superior manageability with lower TCO. With a single click, developers and DBAs can set the service for 3x auto-scale—providing a scalable way to start small and grow as workloads increase. 


Get Started Today with OCI GoldenGate

Start today by creating your own OCI GoldenGate real-time data fabric in just minutes. 

OCI GoldenGate makes it easier than ever to get started.  Out of the box OCI GoldenGate automates many functions, including configuration, workload scaling, and patching while maintaining high availability. Its intuitive interface empowers non-DBA users to drive digital transformation, simplifying on-premises to cloud integrations, multi-region data synchronization, data pipelines, and multi-cloud database replication. The new service is seamlessly integrated with GoldenGate Stream Analytics for OCI, providing multi-cloud streaming data analytics with AI/ML, geo-spatial and time-series data. OCI GoldenGate's web-based user interface removes the complexity associated with deployment, providing easy setup and ongoing monitoring.


To get started, login into the OCI Console and start creating OCI GoldenGate Deployments.

With just a couple of clicks an elastic GoldenGate data mesh is created providing the foundation for your real-time data integration.   Enabling real time data replication to and from various end points including, on premise, 3rd party cloud, SaaS, OCI and many more.  The following is an example of real time database replication between two distinct Oracle Autonomous Databases located in different OCI regions.


Also, because OCI GoldenGate is built on Oracle GoldenGate, it is fully managed.  The service networking, physical storage, and security all are pre-configured, tuned, and ready to use. OCI GoldenGate service components are continually patched and upgraded for you. For patches to the underlying GoldenGate infrastructure, customers will receive advanced notifications, and the patches can be seamlessly applied as a function of OCI GoldenGate, enabling OCI GoldenGate to quickly evolve and adapt for years to come.

Finally, perhaps the biggest news related to the new OCI GoldenGate service is its highly affordable price. Now, you can get OCI GoldenGate running in OCI for less than US$1000 per month*. This price makes OCI GoldenGate accessible to enterprises of all sizes. Furthermore, there is no real time data fabric service like this from other vendors. OCI GoldenGate provides a powerful, affordable and easy to use data fabric service with no additional fees or limits.

OCI GoldenGate usage is currently priced at $1.34 per OCPU hour, with metering and billing based on OCPU usage.  Each OCPU corresponds to two hardware execution threads, known as vCPUs.


Try OCI GoldenGate Today

OCI GoldenGate is available today and you can quickly walk through our Oracle LiveLab on OCI GoldenGate here - docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/goldengate-service/tutorials.html  Walking through this quick start tutorial you can see how easy it is to setup a real-time data mesh between an Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) instance and an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) instance

Take the OCI GoldenGate guided tour:




New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate delivers what users love most about Oracle GoldenGate and OCI in an easy, all-inclusive, and affordable package. It nicely complements the availability of additional OCI services including, Autonomous Databases, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, and Oracle Database Cloud Service enabling a simple, powerful and affordable real time data fabric.

We hope you enjoy using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate!

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Next Steps

Learn more at www.oracle.com/integration/goldengate/ .  See more tutorials, videos and our OCI GoldenGate Documentation here docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/goldengate-service/index.html .

For personalized assistance, please contact an Oracle Sales representative at +1-800-633-0738.

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* Estimate based on 31 days of continuous usage, billed hourly.

Denis Gray

Sr. Director Products

Denis is directly responsible for the product direction, strategy and go to market for multiple cloud services within the Real-time Data Platform Services group. 

Currently, Denis is focused on delivering the next generation real-time data service - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate. Denis presents at many industry conferences, including analyst events, around the world.

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