OCI GoldenGate now supports MySQL, Apache Kafka, OCI Object Store, and OCI Streaming

October 7, 2022 | 2 minute read
Denis Gray
Sr. Director Products
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The OCI GoldenGate Team is very excited to announce the general availability commercial release of OCI GoldenGate with MySQL, Apache Kafka, OCI Object Store, and OCI Streaming support.

For this release the following support has been added to OCI GG:  

Capture and delivery for MySQL 


Capture and delivery for Apache Kafka and OCI Streaming


Delivery for OCI Object Store


To access the new features, log into your Oracle Cloud Tenancy and make sure to choose a region where OCI GoldenGate is available (except IAD, PHX, SYD, FRA).  For an updated list of regions where OCI GG is available click here.

Next Steps

To find out more and to get started with hands on tutorials follow the below links.


OCI GG Documentation

OCI GG Quickstarts


For personalized assistance, please contact an Oracle Sales representative at +1-800-633-0738.

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Denis Gray

Sr. Director Products

Denis is directly responsible for the product direction, strategy and go to market for multiple cloud services within the Real-time Data Platform Services group. 

Currently, Denis is focused on delivering the next generation real-time data service - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate. Denis presents at many industry conferences, including analyst events, around the world.

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