OCI GoldenGate adds support for Snowflake, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Oracle Autonomous JSON Database, Oracle NoSQL, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB and more!

April 4, 2023 | 4 minute read
Denis Gray
Sr. Director Products
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The OCI GoldenGate team continues to raise the bar, with no other native real time data platform offering a source and target certification as complete as OCI GoldenGate. OCI GoldenGate now supports more than 40 sources and target technologies, enabling real-time data-driven solutions on a wide cross-section of enterprise, non-Oracle, big data, and multi-cloud use cases. This significant step continues to bolster our mission “to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities”.  All with much simpler and more cost-effective solution for modern real-time data integration supporting the most popular data platforms in the industry.

OCI GG New Connections

OCI GoldenGate has quickly become the go-to native cloud service for organizations requiring real-time enterprise data-driven solutions.  As the industry shifts towards real-time streaming data, service mesh, data mesh, distributed data, multi-cloud architecture and data fabrics the requirement for a cloud-native enterprise real-time data-driven solution is front and center. 

Try OCI GoldenGate with a new source or target today

The new OCI GoldenGate sources and targets are available today and you can quickly walk through live examples in our Oracle LiveLabs. Such as the OCI GoldenGate Streaming into OCI Object Storage LiveLab located here - https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/r/dbpm/livelabs/view-workshop?wid=3410. Walking through this quick start tutorial you can see how easy it is to setup a real-time data mesh between an Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) instance, Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) instance and OCI Object Storage.  Additional LiveLabs are located here - https://docs-uat.us.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/goldengate-service/ecigg/index.html

Get Started Now

To get started or for more information on the OCI GoldenGate source and targets available now, follow the links below:


OCI GoldenGate Connection

Get Started Now


Create a connection to Snowflake



Create a connection to MongoDB


Microsoft SQL Server

Create a connection to Microsoft SQL Server


Azure SQL Database

Create a connection to Azure SQL Database


Azure SQL Managed Instance

Create a connection to Azure SQL Managed Instance


Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Create a connection to Autonomous JSON Database


Oracle NoSQL

Create an Oracle NoSQL Connection

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Create a connection to Amazon RDS for SQL Server


Oracle WebLogic Java Message Service (JMS)

Create a connection to Oracle Weblogic JMS

Amazon S3

Create a connection to Amazon S3


Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Create a connection to Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB


About OCI GoldenGate

The OCI GoldenGate service is the first of any major cloud provider cloud service to overcome the biggest obstacles IT organizations face when migrating their mission-critical databases to the cloud. This includes the time, expertise, and skills it takes to extract, replicate, and load their data into cloud data stores, making the process excessively complex and costly. In contrast, the OCI GoldenGate service uniquely delivers highly automated data integration, change data capture, and real-time transaction replication. It aligns operational database integration with real-time analytic insights in a multi-cloud ecosystem. The combination of cloud elasticity and operational simplicity typically lowers customers’ costs by half as much as other cloud providers’ do-it-yourself options.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate continues to innovate by delivering new sources and target technologies. OCI GoldenGate in an easy, all-inclusive, and affordable package that nicely complements the availability of additional OCI services, including, Autonomous Databases, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, and Oracle Database Cloud Service enabling a simple, powerful and affordable real-time data fabric.

We hope you enjoy using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate!

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Next Steps

Learn more at www.oracle.com/integration/goldengate/ 

See more tutorials, videos and our OCI GoldenGate Documentation here Oracle Documentation.

See the latest on the GoldenGate YouTube Channel

For personalized assistance, please contact an Oracle Sales representative at +1-800-633-0738.

Denis Gray

Sr. Director Products

Denis is directly responsible for the product direction, strategy and go to market for multiple cloud services within the Real-time Data Platform Services group. 

Currently, Denis is focused on delivering the next generation real-time data service - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate. Denis presents at many industry conferences, including analyst events, around the world.

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