OCI GoldenGate adds batch data integration processing with Data Transforms

March 6, 2024 | 4 minute read
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We are pleased to announce that OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms is generally available in all OCI Commercial regions. OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms is the right choice to build data pipelines for your analytics, data science, and data lakehouse projects. The optimized and native batch data loading capabilities are tuned for moving high volumes into Oracle and non-Oracle targets such as  Exadata Cloud Service, Autonomous Database, and Snowflake.

OCI GoldenGate continues to expand its market-leading capabilities by adding Data Transforms. OCI GoldenGate now includes three integrated deployment options for hybrid, multicloud, and OCI-only data integration pipelines:

  • Data Replication for real-time Change Data Capture with GoldenGate for Oracle, Non-Oracle, and Big Data
  • Data Transforms for batch ETL/ELT processing
  • Stream Analytics for streaming ETL/CTL and real-time data visualizations

Creating a data transforms deployment in OCI GoldenGate from the OCI Console

All the OCI GoldenGate deployment types are provided in a single platform and are natively integrated and centrally managed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Deployments share the same underlying architecture and offer a unified hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity layer.

What is OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms?

Data Transforms is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, no-code approach to developing data pipelines with rich data transformations, machine learning, and batch/micro-batch ETL/ELT capabilities. You can easily convert data formats, apply filters, perform data derivations, and much more.  For additional Data Transforms
User experience building a visual data pipeline within Data Transforms within OCI GoldenGate

Developers and data engineers working with OCI GoldenGate can create Data Transforms deployments with or without an Autonomous Database, integrate with any source or target supported by OCI GoldenGate (see below), and combine best-in-class GoldenGate data replication features with complex batch data processing in their Cloud data pipelines.

Data Transforms connectivity

Data Transforms pipelines extend beyond OCI sources and targets. With the vast quantity of connectors and handlers, you can use Data Transforms to connect your heterogeneous, hybrid, and multicloud data fabric. Below are the 100s of Oracle and non-Oracle application services, productivity services, applications, databases, data stores, and enterprise applications.

Rich connectivity options in Data Transforms

Whether working with heterogeneous databases or cloud applications or dealing with complex data structures, OCI GoldenGate streamlines your data integration processes, ensuring that your data is always accurate, consistent, and readily available across your entire enterprise.

OCI GoldenGate Replication and Data Transforms ETL working together

The big payoff is to combine batch-based Data Transforms with real-time data replication pipelines. GoldenGate’s capture and apply capabilities (extracts and replicats) move data in milliseconds, and Data Transforms picks up the data and connects to a myriad of application services or additionally transforms and loads it into star schemas, message files, or other data stores.

The Data Load function below illustrates how Data Transforms creates and manages GoldenGate processes.

Using a data load in Data Transforms to create data replication processes


OCI GoldenGate and now with Data Transforms offers these key benefits:

  • Unified data integration service: OCI GoldenGate combines three mission-critical data integration processing capabilities into a single unified service: database replication using CDC, continuous integration (CTL), and batch integration (ELT/ETL). Adding to this are 100+ data connectors and handlers across nearly every technology, enabling data movement across your entire hybrid and multicloud data fabric.
  • Industry-leading performance: OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms and its ELT architecture perform data transformation and manipulation using the latest scalable Cloud technologies such as Oracle Autonomous Database.
  • Reduced costs and operational overhead: OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms is a fully managed cloud data pipeline service. It simplifies and automates most management activities, including applying patches, upgrading deployments, and ensuring availability.

Next steps

Try it out! OCI GoldenGate Data Transforms is available today. Read the documentation to explore more features and benefits.

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Julien Testut is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle GoldenGate group focusing on OCI GoldenGate and GoldenGate for Big Data. He previously led product management activities for OCI Data Integration, Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and ODI Cloud Service. Julien has an extensive background in Cloud, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance solutions. He is also a co-author of the 'Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator: A Hands-on Tutorial' and 'Oracle Data Integrator Cookbook' books. Before joining Oracle, he was an Applications Engineer at Sunopsis, which Oracle then acquired.

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