OCI Database Migration service announces OCI GoldenGate integration (now available)

October 16, 2023 | 2 minute read
Jorge Martinez
Senior Product Manager
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It is my pleasure to announce that OCI Database Migration service has integrated OCI GoldenGate service for replication.

Previously the users had the responsibility to correctly configure, deploy, and manage a GoldenGate marketplace instance in their tenancy. They also had to provide these details to OCI Database Migration.

This feature will save time for the users and avoid the manual setup.  Our users can now enable an online migration using GoldenGate by simply selecting a checkbox.

use onlne replication checkbox

The benefits of this change:

•    Speeds up the online migration setup process 
•    Intelligently scales GoldenGate deployments based on the migration size/load
•    Optimizes resource utilization by reclaiming/recycling GoldenGate deployments when not required
•    Presents customers with comprehensive cause/action information in an event of a failure
•    Provides capability to interactively adjust GoldenGate parameters directly from the OCI Console


For those who specifically need to deploy a marketplace instance, the service will allow them to do so by entering their GoldenGate details as an advance option.

advanced option use GG marketplace instance

Take a look at this feature and more in the following link

Additional OCI Database Migration resources:


Jorge Martinez

Senior Product Manager

Jorge Martinez is a Product Manager in the GoldenGate organization focusing on OCI Database Migration service. 

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