Introducing interactive Cloud Premigration Advisor (CPAT) as part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration (DMS) Spring 2022 Update

May 11, 2022 | 3 minute read
Jorge Martinez
Senior Product Manager
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I am pleased to announce the new interactive Cloud Premigration Advisor (CPAT) report which is included as part of OCI Database Migration service's Spring 2022 Update. CPAT is a tool that will assess your source database instance, checking for potentially problematic content and other factors that could impede a successful migration.

Once the checks on your database are performed, CPAT will generate a report indicating what was found; it will present you a summary and a detailed section. 

In DMS CPAT runs as a phase of the Validation job and now you can have access to its results and interact with them at the press of a link as depicted below:

validate premigration advisor

You can still download the report as a text file, but now you can also navigate through the different checks, this is the summary view:

checks summary

The different types of identified checks are displayed on the result column and each check will be marked as Passed, Informational, Warning or Blocker. Click on a check and the details page will appear, it will show what "relevant data" was found in the source database, CPAT will also provide an action to mitigate the blocker, check details screen will allow you to exclude certain types of blockers, this means that these objects are excluded from migration and CPAT will pass this check in the next validation run. You can also include them back in case required: 


Details page


You can mark a check as "Reviewed" or “Unreviewed”, this state is only for your convenience to track each check.  The checks page will also let you filter by this state (left side of screen):

mark as reviewed

For certain checks CPAT will generate a remedial script on the file system of the source database server. You can run the script on the source database to resolve the issue identified by the check:

fixup script

Some objects will show as read-only and can’t be excluded, to clear them you need to follow the action advised:

read only

Once you have cleared all blockers then the validation Job can be run again. This process should be repeated until “Validate premigration advisor” phase completes with no error.

successful premigration

Click on the following demo video for a walkthrough of Interactive CPAT functionality and features in action.



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Jorge Martinez

Senior Product Manager

Jorge Martinez is a Product Manager in the GoldenGate organization focusing on OCI Database Migration service. 

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