GoldenGate 23ai is now available in OCI GoldenGate!

May 6, 2024 | 3 minute read
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We recently announced the general availability of GoldenGate 23ai in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate. GoldenGate 23ai comes with 100s of new features, including distributed vector support for AI workloads, support for the latest Oracle Database 23ai features, an improved user interface, the new Data Streams functionality with AsyncAPI, and much more! Read this GoldenGate 23ai blog for a description of all the latest features.

I am sure you now want to try it out, and there is no better way than to create a new deployment in OCI GoldenGate. Let’s look at what you need to know before you start.

Create a Data Replication deployment using GoldenGate 23ai

GoldenGate 23ai is available in all OCI commercial regions. Simply log into OCI Console, go to Oracle Database, and select GoldenGate.

OCI Console - GoldenGate 
Click Create deployment from the Overview page to start creating a new deployment. You can also click Learn more in the banner at the top of the page to get more information about the new GoldenGate 23ai features.

OCI GoldenGate Overview 
Provide a name, select Development or testing (to set up a test environment), pick a private subnet in which a private endpoint will be created to access your deployment, choose a license type, and optionally Enable GoldenGate console public access to connect to your deployment over the public internet. See Create data replication resources for more information about the different parameters.

Click Next.

Pick Data replication as the deployment type, Oracle Database, or PostgreSQL as the Technology, and click Change version to access the list of versions available.

Note: By default, Data Replication deployments use GoldenGate 21c. Make sure to click on Change version to access GoldenGate 23ai.
OCI GoldenGate - Create Deployment 
GoldenGate 23ai is available today for Oracle and PostgreSQL. Select the following versions:

  • oggoracle: and higher for Oracle
  • oggpostgresql: and higher for PostgreSQL.

OCI GoldenGate - Change Version

Click Select.

Enter an instance name and select the Credential store before clicking Create to start the deployment creation process. See Create data replication resources for more information about the different parameters.

OCI GoldenGate - Create Deployment - Create
Your new deployment will be ready in a few minutes. Click on Launch console to connect to the GoldenGate 23ai deployment console and start playing with the latest features!

OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console

Note: GoldenGate 23ai is available for new provisioning only. Existing OCI GoldenGate deployments running GoldenGate 21c cannot yet be upgraded to GoldenGate 23ai. This feature will be available in a future release.

Get started today!

Try GoldenGate 23ai in OCI GoldenGate in your existing tenancy or open an OCI Free Tier account.



Julien Testut is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle GoldenGate group focusing on OCI GoldenGate and GoldenGate for Big Data. He previously led product management activities for OCI Data Integration, Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and ODI Cloud Service. Julien has an extensive background in Cloud, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance solutions. He is also a co-author of the 'Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator: A Hands-on Tutorial' and 'Oracle Data Integrator Cookbook' books. Before joining Oracle, he was an Applications Engineer at Sunopsis, which Oracle then acquired.

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