Connect to private MongoDB in OCI GoldenGate

August 16, 2023 | 1 minute read
Adriano Tanaka
Senior Cloud Engineer
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MongoDB is a supported source and target for OCI GoldenGate as you can see in our official documentation here.

To reach a private MongoDB you will first need to create a Generic (or GoldenGate) connection type with a FQDN and a private endpoint:


Create a generic connection

Choose Enter GoldenGate information option, put a FQDN and the port, you can leave the Username and Password fields empty, select Customer assigned subnet and select a subnet that have the route and security list that allow the connection to your database and put the server ip address. 


Now you can create a MongoDB connection, put the same Host that you are using in the Generic Connection and use a valid MongoDB connection string:

Create a MongoDB connection type

Here I’m using this pattern: mongodb://my-mongodb.local:27017/?directConnection=true

Assign both connections to your deploy and now you should connect to your private MongoDB without problems.

Adriano Tanaka

Senior Cloud Engineer

Adriano is a Senior Cloud Engineer in Brazil, he works with Oracle DB, Exadata, GoldenGate and IaaS, Oracle ACE Alumn with a strong community presence.


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