Automate High Volume File Transfer from On-premises to OCI Object Storage using Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT)

September 4, 2023 | 8 minute read
GuruDixit Chepuri
Senior Cloud Engineer
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 In today’s dynamic and changing business environment, the efficient transfer of files to and from the cloud requires a comprehensive Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS strategy. File integrations make up a large percentage of all Software as a Service or SaaS applications such as HCM or ERP and typically require combining file and orchestration capabilities.

In OCI, Oracle Data Integration (OCI-DI), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT) services combine to meet all the Cloud Integration requirements to implement a Data Solution.


Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a high performance, standards-based, end-to-end managed file gateway. It features design, deployment, and monitoring of Large file transfers using a lightweight web-based design-time console that includes transfer prioritization, file encryption, scheduling, and embedded FTP and SFTP servers.

Oracle Managed File Transfer can help integrate applications by transferring files between them in complex use case patterns.


  • Privilege to create Infrastructure Resources
  • Configure Security Lists
  • Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private Key Pair in PEM Format as well
  • Create Oracle ATP in OCI
  • Object Storage Bucket created in OCI
  • SOA Administrator role to access the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console and run the Oracle SOA Cloud Service provisioning wizard.

Also, you need to import the SSH key of PEM Format to connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  1. As, you're adding an API key for yourself
    • Open the Profile menu and click My profile.
    • If you're an administrator adding an API key for another user: Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Users. Locate the user in the list, and then click the user's name to view the details.
  2. In the Resources section at the bottom left, click API Keys
  3. Click Add API Key at the top left of the API Keys list. The Add API Key dialog displays.
  4. Paste/Upload the Public_Key.pem file


Installation and Configuration of Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Login to OCI

Click on Hamburger icon and Navigate to Marketplace

Search for SOA and select Oracle SOA Suite (BYOL)



While Provisioning, select the latest version of Oracle MFT and respective compartment as Oracle MFT, has Oracle Object storage as one of the target options.