Announcing GoldenGate for Distributed Applications and Analytics

September 19, 2023 | 4 minute read
Denis Gray
Sr. Director Products
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GoldenGate for Distributed Applications and Analytics

As mentioned in our Top 7 Oracle GoldenGate Announcements at CloudWorld 2023 blog post, this announcement is one-part name change and two-parts very cool new features.  Let’s cover the name change first!  GoldenGate for Big Data has been one of the most successful independent GoldenGate products of the past decade.  When we launched GoldenGate for Big Data back in 2014, the dominant big data technology platform was Apache Hadoop and Apache Kafka was just starting to take off in popularity. Back then we used to talk about the so-called Lambda architecture for batch and speed processing. 

Today, the data ecosystems are much more diverse in the range of technologies as well as much more distributed in terms of the physical location of data. In the early days of Hadoop, big data was by definition a monolithic and centralized approach. But today’s data producers and data consumers rarely run on the same infrastructure. Systems of record (aka: sources of truth) are themselves often running on a distributed Service Mesh architecture.  Data “hubs” are often just a single node among many other decentralized data repositories. Data Lakehouses rarely serve the needs of an entire enterprise, and instead there are many data lakes with metaphorical data streams and rivers connecting them.

With the above comments as background, we are signaling GoldenGate’s renewed focus on distributed applications and decentralized analytics by renaming “GoldenGate for Big Data” to its new name, “GoldenGate for Distributed Applications and Analytics”.  This new name is a better fit for now and for at least the next decade of modern data solutions.  

We are also announcing two new components to this package, (1) GoldenGate Data Streams and (2) Transaction Manager for Microservices Enterprise Edition (MicroTx EE). Combined with the existing capabilities for (C) Stream Analytics, (D) Capture/Apply from NoSQL and Messaging systems and (E) Apply to dozens of Big Data, Lakehouse and Warehouse target technologies, there is a huge amount of value in this product.  Here is all that is included in the new package:


Now, here is a more detailed look at how these components can be used together:


In case you are reading this as an existing customer of GoldenGate for Big Data, the good news is that you don’t have to do anything to receive the benefits of this new product packaging.  All existing GoldenGate for Big Data customers will be able to leverage the new features and capabilities without any additional licensing or complicated migrations!

Next, let’s learn a little bit more about the new application-centric capabilities:

GoldenGate Data Streams and Microservices Transaction Management

The new product packaging for GoldenGate for Distributed Applications and Analytics is launching two very cool new capabilities that support Application Development and Stream Processing.

1. GoldenGate Data Streams – a brand new publish-subscribe REST interface to your JSON formatted data events. Leveraging the open AsyncAPI standard, software clients can now subscribe directly to change events from GoldenGate without being forced to stand-up complex and expensive messaging software like Apache Kafka.  Customers can now support “fan out” style data distribution directly from GoldenGate streaming data channels.  Listen to an architectural overview of Data Streams and the AsyncAPI implementation.

2. Transaction Manager for Microservices Enterprise Edition (MicroTx EE) – MicroTx EE is designed to help application developers ensure a spectrum of data consistency across microservices and cloud native apps without writing any complex code. With a choice of transaction protocols and use of APIs and annotations included in the client libraries, MicroTx EE makes it easy to use distributed transactions in applications deployed in Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.  Developers can easily create multi-phase commits, try-confirm/cancel or long-running Saga transaction patterns across a wide range of Java, Javascript, C/C++, Blockchain and Tuxedo applications.


MicroTx EE includes enterprise-level features such as:

  • Clustered deployments: High availability and Scalability
  • Transaction state persistence: Resiliency
  • Transaction state caching: Low latency / Enterprise performance
  • Virtually no limit on transaction processing: Enterprise scale
  • New administration console: Management / Observability / Diagnosability
  • Continued enterprise optimizations


These exciting new capabilities significantly expand the use cases that GoldenGate can address on the operational and applications side of IT, while remaining true to the heritage of GoldenGate by focusing on helping to ensure high consistency data transactions in distributed data architectures.

MicroTx Free was released in September 2022. MicroTx Free is recommended for developers and architects to evaluate, develop, and test new applications completely free of any cost. For more information, see MicroTx Free.

Denis Gray

Sr. Director Products

Denis is directly responsible for the product direction, strategy and go to market for multiple cloud services within the Real-time Data Platform Services group. 

Currently, Denis is focused on delivering the next generation real-time data service - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate. Denis presents at many industry conferences, including analyst events, around the world.

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