Analyze Your Data in Real Time With the New LiveLab for OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics

May 14, 2024 | 2 minute read
Alex Kotopoulis
Director of Product Management
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GoldenGate Stream Analytics (GGSA) allows users to model, process, analyze, and act on real-time streaming information using sophisticated correlation patterns, time-series analytics, geospatial analysis, and machine learning. It is available as part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate platform as a fully managed cloud service. Please watch this video to see how quickly it can be set up in an OCI tenancy. 

You can now learn how to quickly set up a complex real-time streaming pipeline through an Oracle LiveLab. This LiveLab uses Oracle's MovieStream demo application, an imaginary movie streaming business. The data of users renting movies is used to drive a real-time marketing promotion; it uses OCI GoldenGate Replication to capture transactions from an Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB), and OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics to process events and qualify marketing offers through database lookup and enrichment, geospatial filtering through geo fences, and machine learning scoring through Oracle's AutoML to qualify customers based on their movie choice and demographics. Finally, offers are sent out through Kafka events, and results are stored in ADB. 

The best thing about this LiveLab - it is free and you don't need a OCI cloud account or install any software. All you need is a web browser and a free login. Try it out at:
LiveLab: Keep it real (time) with OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics

You can also try our other GGSA LiveLabs:

GGSA Screenshot

Alex Kotopoulis

Director of Product Management

Alex is Director of Product Management in the Database team and covers Database Migration, Streaming and Big Data products such as OCI Database Migration, Oracle Stream Analytics, and GoldenGate.  

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