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  • June 25, 2018

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata 12.2+ BP new enhancements

Nisharahmed Soneji
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle GoldenGate
In last week, we have released GoldenGate Veridata bundle patch ( The release contains the two significant improvements along with few bug fixes. The GoldenGate Veridata certifies the High Availability (HA) for Veridata Server and Veridata Agents. The GoldenGate Veridata is leveraging the High availability support provided by WLS. We officially certified it and had documented the detailed steps for all of you to harness it. You may find the details provided in Oracle By Example created by Anuradha Chepuri.
When primary Veridata server fails down, the other Veridata server(backup or slave server) will serve the requests to connected Veridata agents. All the existing requests need to re-initiate again by users. Both the Veridata servers are connected to the shared repository so that all the metadata are available and updated to both the servers. The Veridata Agent HA support has also been tested, when the primary Veridata agent fails down, the other slave or backup Veridata agent will take over. All the new requests will be diverted to Veridata Agent, and existing requests need to re-initiate by users. The VIP address needs to be added into Veridata Agent configuration file so that seamless fail-over could happen.
The other major feature was to allow Active Directory (AD) users access of GoldenGate Veridata product. The Active Directory users can use the GoldenGate Veridata product. We have created new roles in Veridata for Active Directory.
Following are AD Veridata Roles added:-
  1. ExtAdministrator
  2. ExtPowerUser
  3. ExtDetailReportViewer
  4. ExtReportViewer
  5. ExtRepairOperator
You need to import these roles by creating them in your WebLogic server. In below screen, I have shown how to create the ExtAdministrator role.

All other roles can be created similarly.

Once, all the required roles are imported in the WebLogic server, and you may assign these roles to your AD users or group of users. Over here, I am editing the ExtAdministration Role.

For ExtAdministrator role, I want to add the Group.

I am adding the existing AD group called "DIQAdmin" to it.


The AD users who are all part of DIQAdmin can access the Veridata product.
You may see my blog on earlier GoldenGate Veridata release over here. Let me know if you have any questions.

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