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Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics on OCI Marketplace

Thomas Vengal
Director, Product Management

Oracle Product Management is excited to announce the general availability of GoldenGate Stream Analytics(GGSA) on OCI Marketplace.

Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics is offered as a single product offering combining the features of Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Stream Analytics along with preconfigured  Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and a repository database.

Benefits of Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics on Marketplace images include:

  • Ready Integration with Oracle GoldenGate for delivering live data from transaction databases
  • Simple and interactive user interface with live data viewer and dashboards
  • Quick transformation and aggregation of events into a data warehouse or data lakes, using stream ETL operations ((like filters, joins, rules, aggregates, splits, unions, etc)
  • Rich library of streaming patterns and predefined visualization charts for instant use 
  • Automation and execution of predictive models and machine learning algorithms (Anomaly detection, Classification, Clustering, Statistical Inference, NB, KNN, Random Forest, SVM, Regression, time series etc.) to make automated business decisions in real-time 
  • Superior geospatial data processing for location-based services
  • Reliable and scalable architecture using Spark Streaming
  • Highly secure configuration with encryption, secure wallets, and trusted connections

Oracle Stream Analytics image on OCI Marketplace contains the following pre-configured and ready to use software:

  1. Oracle Enterprise Linux - 7.7
  2. Oracle Stream Analytics -
  3. Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data -
  4. Apache Kafka -2.1.1
  5. Apache Spark - 2.4.3
  6. Oracle Java -8u211
  7. Oracle MySQL Enterprise -8.0.18

Steps for Launching GoldenGate on OCI Marketplace

  1. Navigate to https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace and search for Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics under the Data Integration or Analytics category
  2. Choose Launch App and provide the details in the displayed forms. You will need an existing OCI account and a pair of SSH public-private keys.
  3. Login remotely to the provisioned instance using SSH and private key
    • You can find the WebUI login credentials in the README.txt file
  4. Access GoldenGate Stream Analytics Web UI  from the public IP Address provided on the OCI confirmation page https://<Public_IP _address>/osa

Documentation and Certification Details:

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