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Oracle GoldenGate Adapters for Base24 version 12c is released

Thomas Vengal
Director, Product Management

Oracle GoldenGate Product Management is pleased to announce the release of Oracle GoldenGate Adapters for Base24 version 12c. Oracle GoldenGate Adapters for Base24 version 12c is available for both HPE Integrity NonStop Itanium and HPE Integrity NonStop x86 chipset architectures.

GoldenGate with BASE24 offers comprehensive data movement and management solutions by enabling real-time data capture and delivery between processing systems. Oracle GoldenGate for Base24 Adapters 12c contains three modules for Active-Active data synchronization operations. They are as follows:

  1. D24 : This enables bi-directional, real-time transactional data synchronization of customer and transaction data continuously, also called as Active-Active configuration. In the event of an outage on one system, D24 processes the full transaction load on the remaining machine, ensuring continuous availability and no data loss.

  2. N24: This coordinates the notifications associated with full refresh processing and eliminates operational labor and co-ordination of loading newly refreshed files into production between two BASE24 sites.

  3. T24: This helps to move structured (tokenized/segmented) data from BASE24 to heterogeneous targets and formats (file formats or databases or big data).

Additional information: 

  • Download Oracle GoldenGate Adapters for Base24 from My Oracle Support.
    Note: Look for Patch # 27024312 for HP NonStop (Guardian) Itanium and HP NonStop (Guardian) on x86.
  • Documentation for Oracle GoldenGate for Adapters Base24.
  • Certification Matrix for Oracle GoldenGate for Adapters Base24 12c for any platform support clarification.
  • For more information on Base24 or ACI products, you may contact ACI Support.

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