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Oracle GoldenGate 19c - July 2020 Bundle Patch New Database Support

Mack Bell
Senior Product Manager

Today we have published to MOS, a new Oracle GoldenGate 19.1 July 2020 bundle patch, version

In the April bundle patch for GoldenGate, we added support for SQL Server 2019, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, Azure Database for MySQL, and Db2 LUW 11.5.

And with our July bundle patch we now have added capture and delivery support for Amazon RDS for SQL Server, Amazon RDS for MariaDB and MariaDB 10.4 support, and Teradata 17.00 delivery.

We've also added an exciting new feature, and that is the ability to capture from PostgreSQL, versions 10 through 12. 

With the Oracle GoldenGate 19.1 July 2020 bundle patch, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL are all now supported as both sources and targets.